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Starbase Items

Rifles, flamethrowers, revolvers - every gun lover will find a toy for themselves. Starbase items feature fabulous and well-designed weapons which brighten hours of enjoyable gameplay.  Starbase weapons are divided into various categories, each serving a slightly different function. 

Are you getting ready for space exploration? Make sure to pack up a proper weapon! Here’s a quick rundown of Starbase infantry weapons.


You know what handguns are. These tiny pistols don’t look scary at first sight but can cause serious damage when used properly. Starbase items include three handguns, specifically:

  • Pistol. This one is a standard-issue pistol with customizable ammunition loadouts.
  • Repeater Pistol. If you aren’t the best in aiming, this may be your go-to. Repeater pistol is a high ammo capacity pistol that works great in small space fights.
  • Revolver. With this one in your hand, you’ll look like a real cosmic gangster. 

Sub-Machine Guns

Even though Starbase has just two sub-machine guns at this point, they are indeed enough to shoot some limbs off. If you are a fan of this weapon type, you might choose between Whiplash and Antigel Rifle.

  • Whiplash is a micro-missile launcher that fires with micro rockets. While hitting the target, they produce a tiny explosion on impact. The clip can hold up to 60 micro-rockets.
  • Antigel Rifle is a rail gun that fires heavily accelerated metallic disks. It’s powerful against infantry and light armors but less effective against targets with plate armor. 


It’s time to bring up the big guns. These three powerful weapons can cause some severe damage to your opponents. Let’s talk about Assault Rifle, Battle Rifle, Laser Rifle so you can choose the suitable toy for you. 

  • Assault Rifle. It’s the most reliable weapon you can find. It has two magazines, large and small, which can store 50 and 30 bullets respectively. 
  • Battle Rifle. Compared to the Assault Rifle, Battle Rifle has a smaller magazine (17 and 28 rounds) but is more effective in ripping through plating. With two awe-inspiring barrels, it will surely do its job in battles with enemy robots. 
  • Laser Rifle. As the name suggests, the laser rifle cuts through materials and opponents with laser missiles. It has minimal recoil and offers high precision.


Even though Starbase items feature only one shotgun, it can’t be omitted in this guide. It’s a durable and semi-automatic weapon that won’t let you down in critical situations. Shotgun’s magazine holds seven gauge shells and can tear holes through most common materials.


Precision Rifles

Do you need something deadly, reliable, and highly accurate? Grab one of the three precision rifles and show the enemy robots who’s the new boss in the space! Here’s a quick rundown of the available options:

  • Rail Rifle. This one is an anti-material rifle and is the deadliest conventional handheld weapon in the galaxy. You can use it if you want to sharpshoot through walls or break the defense of a shield unit. It’s also great if you’ve got some opponents to be quickly eliminated. Long story short, it will pierce almost any infantry armor.
  • Long Rifle. This weapon is a large caliber sniper rifle that combines conventional gunpowder propulsion with enhanced rail magazine slides. Despite that, a long rifle is not a rail weapon as the magazine slides only increase the initial propelled movement.
  • Gauss Rifle. This semi-automatic rifle has been designed with gauss technology to boost bullet velocity. With this upgrade, the rifle fires bullets with high speed despite having a fairly small caliber. You simply can’t go wrong with this one, as it will do its job in both long-range and close combat.


The name of the category says everything. Looking for something that can destroy heavily armored targets? Choose one of the four anti-armor weapons!

  • The Bolter.  With heavy blunt metallic projectiles, the Bolter can go through most armor and break a robot's chassis. It has the highest muzzle velocity among all anti-armor weapons (800 m/s).
  • Grenade Launcher. This weapon is mainly used for fire support. You can hold and reload this one in one or two hands.
  • The Plasma. Need to destroy a ship? Pick up the Plasma! With huge balls of plasma, this baby is dealing heavy damage that destroys everything on its way. 
  • The Rocket Launcher. It was primarily designed to fight against ships as the variety of ammunition allows you to adapt to different situations. However, it is most often used against infantry.

Specialty Weapons

Sometimes, a special situation requires a special weapon. Don’t worry. Starbase items offer four specialty weapons, thanks to which you will get out of even the biggest trouble. Let’s talk about Arclighter, Flamethrower, Minigun, and Reaper Cannon. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

  • Arclighter. What’s so special about Arclighter is that if a couple of targets are close to each other, the projectiles will bounce off, hitting multiple enemies. Furthermore, it can serve two more functions, that are disabling electronic devices and stunning robots! 
  • Flamethrower. We all know what a classic Flamethrower is from different shooters. However, in Starbase, the weapon got upgraded with a jet propulsor engine. That enables the flames to be projected further without the need for a significantly longer barrel.
  • Minigun. With a 2,000 RPM fire rate, this heavy machine gun is a nightmare for anyone who stands in your way. It’s believed to be one of the greatest weapons to control a gunfight.
  • Reaper Cannon. It’s a prototype weapon designed to smoothly break through infantry units without the need to use explosives. The plasma string, which can be modified into various shapes by moving the cannon, is fired incredibly fast. Reaper Cannon is very effective against infantry but less practical against ships' armor. Only a continuous, direct stream aimed at the same place will be able to deal damage to ships. Additionally, remember that this weapon requires a charge-up period before its capable of firing.

Mounted Weapons

Mounted weapons consist of different parts which serve different functions. With that in mind, you can adjust them to serve various purposes, such as using different ammo types or altering the weapons. 

Mounted weapons are attached to spaceships or space stations via a 'device base’ (which can be fixed or rotating). This way, they connect to the device network to gain power and be controlled with YOLOL (the in-game programming language). The way you utilize mounted weapons depends solely on you. That being said, you can freely choose how to place, use and aim them. 

Here’s the summary of mounted weapons available in Starbase:

  • Autocannon. It’s a fast-firing weapon with a widespread.
  • Laser Cannon. Great to take out fast and agile ships as each magazine of this weapon holds enough energy for 800 rounds.
  • Plasma Cannon. Available for militarized ships. This energy weapon fires at a slower fire rate but deals with fracture damage.
  • Rail Cannon. Even though Rail Cannon requires a charge up, it is still a powerful weapon when it comes to destruction.
  • Missiles. These devastating ship weapons can seriously damage or even destroy the toughest armor plating. They offer flexibility in construction and can be freely configured with YOLOL.
  • Torpedo - Similar to missiles, Torpedo gives you freedom in the assembly of different modules. They can be launched both from the universal tool and torpedo launchers. Torpedoes fly at approximately 110 m/s and can be guided via laser designator or YOLOL.


In Starbase, you can build ships however you like as the design depends on your creativity and imagination. Thus, spaceships are one of the most crucial game elements as they can serve different purposes. 

Would you like to explore the space, scout enemy territory, transfer cargo, or transport other players? Everything is possible when the design matches your needs. In Starbase, you can buy a ready-made ship, modify an existing one or build a spaceship from scratch.

The game features 19 civilian spaceships, 8 empire spaceships, and 2 kingdom spaceships. If you want to learn more about them, we encourage you to visit Starbase’s official wiki.


Whether it’s building, repairing, salvaging your crew during a flight, or simply mining, you need a set of tools at hand. Luckily, among Starbase items, there are numerous tools available to facilitate your life and space journeys. Let’s have a closer look at a few of them:

  • Bolt Tool. This basic tool is used to attach and detach bolts to and from hard surfaces.
  • Cable Tool. Use it to connect all devices that need electricity, set up electric cables, or connect devices to, for example, set up lighting. What’s more, it can be used in the middle of the fight to repair some minor damage quickly.
  • Pipe tool. It works similarly to the cable tool. Use it to place and remove resource pipes.
  • Building tool. As the name suggests, it’s a tool designed for building or repairing objects, such as broken ship parts. Remember that it needs refined materials to work. As it’s a handheld tool, it’s handy for quick repairs.
  • Durability tool. With this one, you can quickly determine vulnerable parts of spaceships that need a fix. It highlights durable (green) and non-durable (red) parts of the ship, which can help in preventing critical construction errors.
  • Laser Cutter Tool. It cuts voxels out of an object whenever you need to, for example, get through ship hulls. However, the more armored the object, the longer it takes to cut it. With the Laser Cutter Tool, you can reattach previously cut-out parts anywhere you want using bolts. 
  • Universal Tool. This foldable forearm-mounted screen may be used in a variety of ways. Most commonly, it’s used to interact with other devices in-game. Besides, with the Universal Tool, you can set up basic devices like a button to open the door or hack your friend's ships to make some jokes.
  • Pickaxe. Everybody knows the ultra-complicated mechanism of a pickaxe. In Starbase, this item is the basic but most reliable way to harvest minerals. What’s more, you can use it as a desperate measure in a space battle.

Final Words

The world of Starbase and the possibilities the game offers are immense. That’s why it would be impossible to provide detailed descriptions of all the in-game items in one article. However, we are sure that you’ll get the basic understanding of weapons, spaceships, and tools you’ll find on your way while exploring the giant space of Starbase. 

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