World of Warplanes Credits

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Credits in World of Warplanes

Main and most commonly used currency in War of Warplanes is called Credits. World of Warplane Credits are used for plenty of purchases. With credits, player is able to buy consumables, equipment, plane modules, aircrafts etc. To obtain credits, players has to participate in battles - every battle provides an amount of credits, which is dependent on inflicted damage, detected enemy planes, performance during the battle, destroyed enemy machines etc. There is also second currency present in War of Warplanes, which is Gold. Gold can be obtained via spending real money. It allows players to buy premium consumables, premium aircraft or pay for premium account. Premium aircraft is buffed at obtaining credits during battles, allowing to farm them in a more efficient way. Looking for virtual goods connected with World of Warplane Credits? You are in the right place! Check MMOAuctions for the most actual World of Warplane Credits offers from players and traders worldwide!