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World Of Warships Cheats

Getting ahead of the curve

After a quick growth and a big success of free to play World of Tanks, Wargaming started working on a new project that would involve fights between players not on the dry land but on the seas. That’s how World of Warships online came to life. It is a tactic based combat game where players face off against each other on the battlefield of ships. The tactic is the key factor as a player to achieve victory must quickly respond to events happening on the battlefield such as sudden ambushes, cunning flanks and head on attacks.  Command naval fleet full of giant vessels amongst which you can find the most iconic ones in the history of warfare from over eight nations. Amazing tactical diversity in this game comes from a big variety of ships. You can find there aircraft carriers that can provide air support on the battlefield, giant battleships that provide great firepower, cruisers that can quickly respond to changing conditions and destroyers that can turn the tide of the fight in just a single shot.


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