World Of Warships Credits

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World Of Warships Credits

Welcome to the official MMOAuctions World of Warships Credits section. Here you can get additional credits for your favorite game and sell excess ones to make some extra money on the side! Check the user’s offers to see what we have available in stock and pick the best ones to maximize your profits! On the other hand, if you are the seller here you can get a high viewership for your offers so do not stray from posting what you have!

Credits in World of Warships are essential. Every player who had contact with the game knows what we are talking about. After all it is the primary currency in this title and having more of it doesn’t hurt. You can spend it on consumables, developing modules for your fleet at the dockyard, repairing ships after the battles, buying ammunition, and other things that might improve your gameplay. During the game amount of credits that you receive depends on your performance on the battlefield. Things like damage done to other ships, the tier of your vessel, a number of sunken enemies, and others might have an effect on your overall score and the number of credits received. On the other hand, there is also a secondary ‘premium’ currency in the game called gold. It is used for buying premium ships, ammunition, and consumables. If you are looking for this one you might check the gold section of our market but if you are here for the credits - you are in the right place!

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