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9 dragons is a martial-arts MMORPG based on ancient Chinese history and mithology with real Kung-Fu techniques. Owned by Indy21 and published in 2007 as open-beta. Trading now accessible on MMOAuctions!

It's main currency is Gold which is obtainable  by killing mobs, opening chests in dungeons, trading items and smashing pots in some towns. And here, on MMOAuctions! With Gold you can buy and repair variety of items, buy healing for character or rent a storage and many many more.

 Among items obtainable in 9dragons there are things such as weapons and clothing, consumables, collectibles, decos. As an MMORPG 9dragons also contains a leveling system which is a very unique one. It is divided into 20 Tiers, every Tier contains 12 Chengs. Cheng obtained provides you 4 Chi  and 1 Mastery Point. When character reaches Tier it gets 6 chi and 3 mastery points. Every tier has a different name, for example: Tier 2 is called "Gathering Chi", Tier 4 "Revolving Chakra". Make 9dragons easier and save your time by using MMOAuctions!