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9 Dragons Gold

Ready to discover 9Dragons?

9 Dragons is becoming a legend in the game's world. This very popular game between teenagers and youngsters is winning more and more fans every day. You will learn how martial arts are s effective to protect yourself in this virtual world where monsters have just one goal, to rid you of this planet forever.

This adventure starts in the ancient China where you don't have a place to stay, but with the support of the citizens of the town, you will be discovering secrets never seen before, collecting items but facing the threat of monsters and enemies who want to have your head around their hands.

While you are visiting different places in this world, jumping from one place to another, you will see how dynamic it is. Every second, everything is changing, and every change means new chances to get new items. So, are you ready to fight?

Always be ready to fight!

Don't forget to create your character with the most useful skills to show how good of a player you are. Remember that this step is so important to make you successful during all the time you will be playing this game. Try to keep a balance between strength, agility, and speed. These skills will help you survive into this crazy world but, at the same time, fantastic and marvelous.

Adventures in the game recreated in the old China will keep you busy for hours. The cities are under the powerful Ming dynasty reigns. This civilization has controlled this world for years after they survived multiple battles against other nations. Don't forget to speak to the local people. They have the secrets you need to know to get food, drinks, skins, and fuel to be the best player ever.

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