9Dragons Items

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9 Dragons Items

Play and live 9 Dragons community

9 Dragons game is not just a game. It is a community where you can buy and exchange items that you will find while you are finding out and discovering the amazing challenges you will be facing. Don´t forget to pick every prize or item you see during this adventure. Don´t stop exploring the town of ancient China. And trust in the citizens that want to help you and support you during the game. They want you to protect them from the bloodthirsty monsters threatening the life of this world. 

Support yourself with the community, ask for advice and ideas on how to beat the enemy. Improve your fighter, providing him with new weapons and armor that definitely will decrease the damage he can receive during the battles.

Fight hard and use your items

Now that you know how to beat the enemies prepare your character as well as you can. Remember, the more your character is prepared, the better results you will have, and your adventure will be more enjoyable. Create a fighter with a good balance of skills. This way, you will avoid big weaknesses, and the enemy will get crazy and probably scared of not being able to win. 

At the same time, enjoy traveling through ancient China taken by the Ming Dynasty. People are very angry with them because the Ming is not protecting them enough from the monsters. So, this is your time to show your courage and honor with the people supporting you.

Join the MMO auctions community to trade items

As you play 9Dragons, you realize all the items you need and would love to have to continue exploring this marvelous world. You can get hunting clothes, food or drink, collectible items, and relics that will be trophies to show off.   

There are premium items so difficult to get, that only the best players have them, but that doesn´t mean that you will never have them. 

Get those items through MMOAuctions. We are the most affordable place to buy the items you need in 9Dragons. We offer you a reliable list of sellers in a very safe environment with the cheapest rates in the market. In our list, you will find all kinds of items that will allow you to continue playing 9Dragons for years and enjoying the adventures and new missions.