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Age of Conan is a brutal game where you get in the skin of a barbarian and unleash all the rage and power you have inside. The mature focus of the game is the main reason that keeps the players coming back to the Hyborian Age and experiencing visceral combat and exciting adventures. If you want a first-hand experience of the savage journey that is waiting for you don't hesitate to get the best Age of Conan virtual goods in our platform. MMOAuctions is a place where you can find all you need regarding the Age of Conan universe. We act as the link between sellers and buyers, always aspiring to remain in the throne of gaming services.


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A Barbarian has no boundaries

The vast reaches of Hyboria have a lot of stories to tell. The action is the principal aspect of Age of Conan so you will never get bored when using and crafting the huge amount of weapons that the game offers. Remember that gold is the pillar of AoC economy so you will always have to fight a lot to get it. Of course farming gold and doing quests can be fun sometimes but when you want this as soon as possible then your best course of action is to purchase AoC Gold with one of our top sellers.

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