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Age of Conan Gold

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Unleash the barbarian you have inside

Age of Conan is a very savage journey where swords, killing, fighting, and magic are the everyday business. The game has an amazing storyline, interesting dungeons, deep questing, and compelling mechanics. This is a game rated R, meaning that is only for adults so if you want to slaughter your enemies with extreme violence and sleep with sexy babes while you steal another player AoC Gold you can do it if you want.

This game is not new at all, but is constantly updating. It means that there are a lot of experienced players with tons of Age of Conan Gold they gathered over the years so if you want to compete with them, it will be a real challenge. In the game there are four types of Hyborian currency: Gold, the true king of this realm; Silver, whose value is 100 silvers = 1 gold; Copper, meaning that 100 Copper = 1 Silver and Tin, 100 Tin = 1 Copper. As you can see, gold is the maximum expression of wealth in this action-driven game. You can find AoC Gold by doing quests and selling your items, but this can be a long process that will take out a lot of your limited time.

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