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Aura Kingdom Accounts

If you are looking Aura Kingdom Accounts you are in the best possible place! In Aura Kingdom levels are points obtained throughout the game. Finding grind hard? Make it easier with Aura Kingdom Accounts bought here, on MMOAuctions! There are currently 90 levels in the game, but this fact may change as the game content expands. You can check the amount of experience points at the bottom of your screen. There are red, blue, and sometimes yellow arrows above the bar telling you that you can upgrade your Player Stats when the golden color reaches it through. When you start it is very quick to level up. Finishing up quests give you a lot of EXP continuously. At some point, usually around level 55-60, the leveling slows down fast to the point where quests are not enough to level up continuously. This is where dungeons will be a big part of the game. If you want to save your time spent on leveling, simply search for Aura Kingdom Accounts on MMOAuctions!