Aura Kingdom Items

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Items in Aura Kingdom

Aura Kingdom items are special objects looted or received from quests, monsters, other players. They can also be bought here, on MMOAuctions! Grades of equipment obtainable in Aura Kingdom are: White (regular items), Blue (received from quests and treasure boxes), Green (dungeon drops), Orange (crafted items), Purple (bought with honor points) and Gold (legendary items). Aura Kingdom Items are divided into types which are: equipment (weapon, armor, accessory), cosmetics (costumes, mounts and pets), misc (collectibles, consumables, enhancements, eidolon, treasure chests, inventory), secret stones (melee, range, magic, armor) and proffession Aura Kingdom items (fishing, archaeology, gathering, cooking, duel cards, guardian knight, gaia chronicle, housing). Tired of farming your gear? Check MMOAuctions for Aura Kingdom items