Be the King of the server with

Be the ruler of your own growing empire with Clash of Kings, where you are the king and you comand your armies throughout the land to conquer and expand. As you play the game you will want to conserve each and every resource you come in contact with. Every city and port that you build will take you one step closer towards your goal of total supremacy but you will also be spending all of your coins in the process.

As a free to play game Clash of Kings is not free from the usual tropes that come with the genre, such as having paywalls for really cool characters or certain resources that you will only be able to get if you invest real money on it’s premium in game currency.

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The king of the castle

As a ruler of your own empire in Clash of Kings you get to manage every part of the kingdom, including the strategy behind every battle, how you spend your resources and currency. And you will have to be intelligent about how spend them because you will run out quickly if you don’t. 

It is an unfortunate truth of the free to play mobile game industry that at some point you will either have to spend hours grinding and making peace with never unlocking all of the content you want, or you will have to invest your hard earned money on premium items and currency, which defeats the purpose of any free to play experience. 

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We understand that in today’s world time is more precious than ever, and we don’t want you to waste it. You can purchase everything you need to get all of the enjoyment out of your game and the convenience of not having to grind for every little resource.