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Clash of Kings Items

There are plenty Clash of Kings Items avaliable in game. They come in variety of armors, weapons and misc items. Check MMOAuctions for the latest offers from Clash of Kings Items! Items that can be found throughout gameplay are armor sets consisting of helmets, gloves, armors and boots. There are two kinds of weapons available in CoK: melee and ranged. If you have chose to follow the path of a melee warrior, you may choose one-handed and two-handed swords, axes, clubs, polearms and maces. When it comes to ranged weapons there are bows, crossbows and thrown weapons. Besides of war equipment, there are also things like food, resources and books. Your hero may even ride a horse! Looking for an account that would provide you Clash of Kings Items of your dreams? Your are in a correct place to start with! Search through MMOAuctions, the first site on the Internet, where traders from all around the world can sell and buy their Clash of Kings Items in the most comfortable way!