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CSGO Boosting

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game, developed by Valve Corporation and Hidden Path Entertainment. It’s the fourth title in the Counter-strike series, it was released for PC, OS X, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3 on August 21, 2012, with a Linux release that came in 2014.


The game doesn’t have to be introduced. Two five-man teams, Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists compete with each other in a few scenarios, where opposing teams have to either kill each other or complete various objectives to win the round. Depending on the game mode, terrorists have to either plant a C4 explosive on one of the bomb-sites scattered around the map, or to defend the hostages, while the Counter-Terrorists are tasked with protecting the bomb-sites, defusing the bomb if it’s planted during the round, or securing hostages and taking them to safety.


The game still has a huge following and a large competitive community that’s still alive and well. Since its release CS:GO gathered about 11 million players each month, and it still holds huge numbers of players from all over the world on the servers. With the addition of a special Battle Royale game mode, “Danger Zone” that was introduced at the end of year 2018 in December, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive attracted some BR fans, but players still play this game purely for standard competitive mode, climbing the ranks to become the best.


And climbing ranks in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is hard. Especially when you are playing competitive solo with 4 strangers in your team, and 5 strangers in the other. It’s a lottery. Most of the time you have two decent players and 3 braindead minions that play like they’ve launched the game for the first time in their lives. And while statistically, each player will get the rank he deserves, it can take a lot of time, and the truth is - playing at a lower rank, where you are killing people at ease, even when you treat this like a target practice, will actually lower your skills when it comes to understanding the game and decrease your decision-making capabilities.


Playing at a rank that is too low for you can actually hurt you long-term, and it’s better to start at a rank when you can still do your job properly utilizing your skills, while having a challenging enemy team that will put your abilities and playstyle to the test. So if you don’t want to hurt yourself, and improve even more, then boosting your account to a proper rank is your best choice.


Finally get out of silver and reach global elite through CS GO Rank Boosting. CS:GO rank boost might be a long process if you decide on doing this by yourself. Go for the high quality. And if you want your elo to increase fast, hiring professionals, or reliable top boosters, it takes minutes to order CSGO boost service, it’s secure, delivery time will of course depend on the booster. It’s not easy to get wins, and there are various methods to make the most out of games played. And while your orders might not end up great, if you bought the cheapest service possible (you will get what you paid for it will just take more time, everyone leaves our website happy, even when they go for the cheap option), there will be no problem, and your service will be completed.


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And when it comes to MMORPGs that are focused on grind and social activities with guild members, and team-based first-person shooters - it’s nearly impossible to enjoy them if you have a little amount of time, that you have to use for progression - like grinding and climbing ranks that you don’t want to do, just to get to the point when you can finally start enjoying the game. We know how it is, every gamer gets to that point that he is tasked to provide for himself and his family, and it’s hard to find time for enjoyment.


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Climbing in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is not really hard, but it’s tedious and there a lot of factors that play into this. There is skill, but there are other teammates that sometimes will willingly lose you the game, just because they don’t like you. There are trolls, bad players, leavers, AFKers, angry kids - you know the drill. Sometimes climbing is just a lottery, sometimes you will reach new heights easily and sometimes you will demote in a blink of an eye. Everything can happen. Why should you feel stressed about the quality of your gameplay at lower ranks, if you can play at higher ranks that you deserve in almost no time.

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