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CSGO Skins

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: Loot-boxes and Skins

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the first game in this series to introduce loot-boxes and weapon skins. After each round, there is a chance of obtaining a special box that requires a key to open. People then buy keys for real-life money to open these loot-boxes for a chance of obtaining rare weapon skins, which are divided into four rarity categories: common, uncommon, rare, and something special. “Something special” is the most elusive of them all. Here you can buy CSGO Skins cheap!


Skins make players feel unique and special. With the introduction of Stat-Trak system that lets players track their progress in kills with a specific weapon. That’s how you can show your in-game skill, and it can make people respect you in solo-queue competitive mode a little bit more. Most of the time it works as it has some psychological value to it. Players will look differently at someone skilled with AWP with classic AWP skin, and differently at someone skilled with AWP, with Stat-Trak: Asimov Weapon Skin, especially with lots of skill.


Not only that, skins come in grades. You might get the best-looking skin in the entire game, but it might not look decent. That is because there’s a skin consumer grade system (industrial grade mil spec): Battle-Scarred, Well-Worn, Field-Tested, Minimal Wear, and Factory New. Battle-Scarred skins are the ugliest, the paint is strained, it’s actually missing in some areas, and these weapons look like they’ve spent their entire life-span (if we can say that) in some garbage can in Detroit. Factory New weapons are arguably the best looking (as some scratches here and then are sometimes quite nice aesthetically), they look like they were just shipped out from the factory, hence the grade-name. And with so many skins released with each Operation (like hydra, or gamma 2) - with some people racing to get the best skins in an instant - lots of cases and keys flood the marketplace, as people want some new pieces for their collection.


There are a multitude of items that you can get from the lootboxes, a huge range of in game items - pistols, rifles, shotguns like auto-sniper, nova, m4a4 rifle, aug, g3sg1, mp9 smg, p250 pistol, bizon, dual berettas, cz75 auto, ak 47, ump 45, mag 7, glock 18, mac 10, r8 revolver, galil ar, desert eagle, ssg 08, scar 20, tec 9, sg 553. THere are also knives: huntsman knife, karambit, falchion knife, gut knife, butterfly knife, m9 bayonet, flip knife, or shadow daggers. Every item can have a sticker on it (some stickers will reduce the value of weapons if it ruins their look), or stattrack (killcount that everyone can see). Valve even managed to add Gloves into the game, you can check them out right now. Those will keep you powered up, they can be basically classified as Senzu Beans, even though this powerup is purely visual. But if you feel better with them - you can convert that into some psychological advantage, when you just feel better, making you a better and more focused player. And nowadays - you can get a music kit, which community accepts, I accept it, but it still feels bizarre. Black Metal playing after you won the round and became an MVP? Count me in - but it's still strange.


Why Should you Purchase CSGO skins on Our Website

Skins command respect. It’s a sign of prestige and well-being. The percentages of obtaining any item are known to the public, and getting a really good, rare skin is very hard. In theory, you could spend hundreds of dollars and not get any red or gold skin. It is possible. Some people will get the knife skin in their first loot-box ever, after playing for a couple of hours, some will never get it. Most of you will probably have to purchase them through shopping, hoping for a decent sale or deals, getting that item into your virtual cart, paying with cash, hoping for a fast delivery of your digital range of goods.


Opening loot-boxes and the outcome of it depends entirely on luck. It’s a gamble. And for some people, it will seem rigged. As sometimes Lord and Savior Gaben won’t bless your account with a spell of well-being and give you only white and blue-grade skins. It happens.


Why exactly should you gamble, and waste your money away ending up with nothing, if you can have your desired skin that you have always dreamt of right now on your account guaranteed?   


On our website, you will surely find something you are looking for for a fair price. Buy CSGO Skins today!


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About CS GO

Counter-Strike series doesn’t really have to be introduced. But if for some reason you’ve been living under a rock for over nineteen years than you should know that the latest Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game, developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation. It got published by Valve Corporation as well, and it released on Microsoft Windows, OS X, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360 on August 21, 2012. Version for Linux showed up about two years later as well.


The game is simple at its core. There are two teams - Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists - and they fight each other completing objectives on small maps, most of the time in 5-man teams. Teams have to either complete their objective or kill the other team to win a round. That’s really all you have to know.


The most classic game-mode, used on a competitive and professional scene is a 5v5 Bomb scenario. There are two bomb-sites on each map. Terrorists posses a C4 explosive, that they have to plant at one of these sites and protect the load till the timer to reaches 0. This is not as easy as it seems as these bomb-sites will be heavily protected by Counter-Terrorists, that are tasked with defending the places where Terrorists can plant the bomb, and if the bomb gets planted - they will have to defuse it. A bomb blowing up, or defusion of said bomb ends the round. If Terrorists don’t plant the bomb at all during the entire round they lose. Of course, teams can just end up murdering each other until there’s no one left to fight against.


The other popular scenario involves hostages. Terrorists are now on the defense. They are tasked to kill Counter-Terrorists or protect hostages till the timer runs out, and CT have to either kill the entire enemy team or bring, at least, one hostage to safety, to win the round.


There are many other game-modes as the modding scene for this game is quite big. Outside of classic First-person shooter game-modes like Arms Race (killing other players rewards players with new guns, and they have to kill each other until one of the players reaches the last weapon - a knife, and they have to kill someone with it to win), Deathmatch (killing each other until one team is dead), Flying Scotsman (where players jump around in reduced gravity with only knives and scout-sniper rifles), there are lots of modded servers, including Deathrun, Surfing, or Zombie Mode servers. There are lots of things you can do in this one.


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