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CSGO Cases

CSGO Cases called also Containers are items exclusive to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. When opened, they will drop out a cosmetic item, randomly selected from the container's selection, with those of higher rarity having a smaller chance to appear. CS GO Case can drop different type of items and there are: weapon crates, sticker capsules and packages. Weapon cases contains weapon skins. To open the weapon CS GO case, player is required to posses a matching key that can be bought in-game or on the market. The sticker capsules are the type of container that, when opened with proper key, it will drop a random sticker. Packages are dropped during championship match or purchased in-game. They do not need a key to be opened. Looking for CS:GO tradeables? Search MMOAuctions with the latest offers of CS GO Case goods with best prices on the Internet!