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Darkfall Online Accounts

DFO Account has a unique system when it comes to making your character powerful. Looking for Darkfall account? Check MMOAuctions! There is no leveling system. Instead it is a skills-based game. The number of skills available in Darkfall Online is between 500 and 1000. New skills and spells are learned from other players or NPCs. There is also no skill list available on the Internet - developers decided that skills should be unknown until they are discovered by players. Skill can be trained at 1 point - which means a new skill which can be developed till 100 points - which is maxed. The ability increases at random intervals when being used. Are you not satisfied with your DFO Account character progression? You can have a fully developed DFO account in few seconds! Simply visit MMOAuctions and check if there are any available offers from DFO! Always remember to check the trader on MMOAuctions special feature - Scamkiller!