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Darkfall Online Items

Are you looking for DFO Items? In DFO you can find quite a big variety of items available. The main idea of DFO is PVP so in order to have as much fun as possible you need a decent weapon and armor. The variety of weapons consist of bows, axes, clubs, maces, swords, greataxes, greatclubs, greatswords, knives, polearms and sithras. When you start you are given a starter weapon, also called newbie weapon. It cannot be looted, stolen or given away. Players can freely swap starter weapons between slots at fee of 20 gold at most NPC's. There are three slots for starter weapons, first one is provided from the start, the second one can be bought for 100 gold and the third one - for 1000 gold. Looking for items DFO Items? Tired of grinding your character? You are in the right place! Check MMOAuctions for the latest DFO Items offers from traders all around the world!