Dead by Daylight

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In Dead by Daylight, death is not an escape. In this amazing asymmetrical multiplayer game, you'll incarnate the role of a brutal murderer while you chase four survivors. This psychological thrilling game is one of the best surprises of the MMO genre, creating a solid fan base thanks to the unique and spooky atmosphere that this game has. 

If you are a survivor, then your goal is escaping by using the obstacles on the map and turning out the 5 generators that can be found across the map. If you are a killer, yo need to hunt the survivors and sacrifice them to The Entity. Either way, this game is not easy at all and requires a lot of brain and tactical aspects. MMOAuctions is here to deliver you the ultimate Day by Daylight virtual goods that you need, such as accounts, power-leveling services, items, and much more! Be sure to check our website to discover all we have for you.

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The tension this game creates, either if you are a killer or a survivor, is unmatching. Most of the horror games out there have individual story modes, so it was kind of risky for Behaviour Interactive to create a multiplayer horror game. Fortunately, the system works exactly as it should. Of course, if you are a survivor and the killer finds you, your options are limited. 

If you buy Dead by Daylight Power Leveling services you can forget about losing every time you play this game thanks to all the abilities you'll have unlocked. Buying a new Day by Daylight Account can also grant you a big advantage against your enemies, and will allow you to spend more time figuring out ways to finally defeat the malevolent Entity.

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