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Dead by Daylight Items

The survival horror genre has some big games that are very difficult to replicate or to achieve the same level of success they have. Fortunately, Behaviour Interactive managed to create Dead by Daylight, an outstanding online multiplayer game where one player, known as the killer, is looking to murder in the name of The Entity other 4 players, known as the survivors. 

The rich atmosphere and fun mechanics are the main reason for the increasing popularity of Dead by Daylight. MMOAuctions is a marketplace where survivors and killers all over the globe can come to sell, buy, and trade all kinds of Dead by Daylight virtual services or virtual goods such as DbD Items. This is not an action game, it is more about thinking and using the environment on our advantage, so gear up with the best items you can and survive the horrors of the night!

The bests Dead by Daylight Items to defeat The Entity

Some players believe that the key to winning a match, whether if you are a survivor or a killer, is by playing smart. As a survivor, you won't be able to hurt the killer, but some Dead by Daylight Items such as flashlights can help you blind him. Having the best flashlight can blind the killer for 12 seconds, allowing you to escape and turn on four generators with the help of your friends. 

First aid kits are also useful items to heal yourself and other survivors. These items can be found in chest loot, where the items inside them are affected by the rarity of the chest. As you can see, DbD Items are mostly for survivors. This is because killers are stronger, faster, and are allowed to attack, so playing as a survivor is a much greater challenge. 

Don't get us wrong, if you play as a killer you will also need to study the scenario in order to win, so at the end of the day, every role has its own difficulty. If you want to buy Dead by Daylight Items, contact one of the sellers on our website to do it. 

Before proceeding with the transaction remember to use our Scam Killer, a useful feature to check if a person is a scammer or a reliable provider. Getting this items is a hard task, either way, people won’t be paying for them. If you mastered all the secrets of this dark world and you are looking to sell Dead by Daylight Items, post your offer on MMOAuctions and wait for hundreds of buyers to come to you. 

The best part is that selling your items is totally free, so forget about losing money. We know how hard it is to provide a quality service, especially when we are talking about in-game goods. To be a top-notch provider a person needs to be dedicated and invest insane amount of hours playing the game. In a game so difficult as Dead by Daylight, this job can take weeks or even months. That’s why we are here to support you.