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Dragon Knights Online is an free-to-play MMORGP that was launched in 2012. Despite the years since its release, KD is not one of the most famous MMORPGs due, perhaps, to its somewhat confusing and frustrating PvP and PvE system that leads novice players to take a dim view of what's next in the advent. Anyway, this is a great game, with a huge open world full of possibilities. 

In addition, DK Online has the classic races and classes that are already characteristic of every MMORPG that boasts a good one. In its case, the races are divided into Diel, Lycan, Elf, Gray Elf and Humano. The classes, on the other hand, are divided into Warrior, Sorceress, Paladin, Warlock and Archer. And you will find, of course, all the equipment, items, skins and all kinds of articles that all MMORPGs have. 

We are here to help you achieve all your goals within Dragon Knights Online. We know they can be many and varied, for this reason, in our platform, we provide several spaces for players, both professional and amateur, to exchange, buy and sell items, objects, services, information and everything you want related to DK and any game within it. 

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Dragon Knights Online, a classic MMORPG

In this adventure, you will control a warrior of any of the five races mentioned above, specializing in some of the classes also mentioned. Depending on these choices, it will be your skills, your statistics and the history that awaits you. Your character will have to travel through the fantasy world of Litos, and carry out hundreds of missions that will lead him to his final destination, which is to become the dragon warrior and fight against the evil dragon, Kharvag.