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DK Online Items

The Dragon Knights Online items system is a bit different from the other MMORPGs on the market, and this is a good thing because of the amount of such games on the market. In the case of the gear, the item system works on the basis of specific categories according to the level of the character and the specific equipment. These elements make the amount of items possible to obtain in the game to be hundreds and hundreds, which expands the possibilities, the skills, the relationship between characters and gear, as well as the hours of gameplay and fun. 

As we know there are still many Dragon Knights Online players (official steam records say there are about 800 users per day), we have created an special place for this game, where all these players can exchange all the goods, currencies, equipment, services, and items they need. MMOAuctions is the place on the Internet where all video game fans, especially classic MMORPGs, will find a place to link up and find what they want. Our team is waiting for you, to help in your adventure as a Dragon Knight in the world of Litos!

Come for all Items you need at MMOAuctions

As we said before, the number of items in Dragon Knights Online is overwhelming, especially the gear, which has dozens of parts depending on the type of armor, weapons, classes, the level of character and other aspects. For example, the gear is divided into low-level category, mid-level category and high-level category. 

Inside the first category, you can find regular gear and splendid Durian Armor. With this armor your stats will improve by about 5%. In the second category, you will find Atlantis & Helios gear, Steam Power, Keen's Might, The Legendary King´s Armor, Mechanical Tools, Machine Power and Dark Corruption gear. Most of these improve your statistics by 10 to 15%. 

In the last category, you will find equipment such as Scorn of the Dragon, Temple Guardian Federation, Qaizah gear, Jewels of the Desert, Treasures of the Desert Tomb, Conqueror of the deeps, Grimmag's Fury gear, Arachna's Children, Heredur´s Pride, Bearach's Untamed Might, The Herald's Infernal Wrath, Sigrismarr's Eternal Scorn, The untouchables gear and the Premium Unique, very special equipment that raises your stats much higher than usual. And, of course, there are special event items that are limited in time, such as Dark Armor, Armor of Darkness, Dragonache and others. 

Dragon Knight Online and MMOAuctions, a great combination

On our web site you have a good chance of getting the items mentioned above, mounts, potions and all kinds of goods. As video game fans, the MMOAuctions team knows that the best MMORPG items, and even more so Dragon Knight Online, are hard to come by. We feel a complete empathy for your gaming. That's why we want to help you and help us create a great community where everyone can find what they are looking for, buy and sell all the goods they think are necessary. Come and join us. We are waiting for you!