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Dragon Nest Gold

Dragon Nest Gold is the basic currency in the world of Lagendia and is an equivalent of real money in Dragon Nest. In spite of being called Dragon Nest Gold, this currency comes in three denominations: bronze coins, silver coins and gold coins. Players acquire Dragon Nest Gold by picking up money and items from dead mobs and by selling excessing stuff to NPCs. Gold is also a reward from quests' accomplishment. You can get ahol of decent amount of Dragon Nest's currency by trading with players face to face or via auction house. Dragon Nest Gold can be used to buy items or to pay for services like enhancement and crafting new gear and items. One Gold equals to one hundred silver and one silver is equal to one hundred copper. Wondering where to buy Dragon Nest Gold at fairly low price? You are in the right place! Check offers on MMOAuctions and find the one you are looking for!