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Dungeon Fighter Online is a MMORPG first released in Korea 2005 and in Japan 2006. Now available on MMOAuctions! Developed by Neople and published by Nexon. DFO was planned to be small game - it was developed within 5 months. In May 25, 2011 there were 300 million registered users. DFO comes in a style familiar to older video game players with 2-dimensional world with eight directions of movement available. The combat system in DFO is very simplistic, the core being a single-button combo for you character's basic attack. As you progress in levels you can increase the level of special skills, some of them used even in basic combos. There are also tons of quests to be finished. Dungeons themselves come in variety of difficulties for you to choose. Higher level of dungeons gives you an opportunity to fight stronger monsters. Looking for Dungeon Fighter Online related offers? You are in the right place! Check MMOAuctions for the latest offers from players all around the world!