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Dungeon Fighter Online Accounts

Check the best DFO Accounts. Dungeon Fighter Online has a level system which requires experience points in order to advance. In DFO there are 2 kinds of experience: Hunt Exp and Dungeon Exp. Players are basically rewarded twice for each mob killed. Every mob killed gives you a base XP with XP bonuses. This is Hunt Exp. Every time dungeon is cleared, the base XP of all mobs is added up without the hunt XP bonuses and that is the Base Dungeon Exp. This is then modified by rank and given as extra experience. In order to level up in the most efficient way you should at first follow the quest line. Maximal level possible is 86. Looking for well developed DFO account? You are in the right place! Check MMOAuctions for the lates DFO Accounts offers from players and traders worldwide. Trader seems not to be trustworthy? Put his data into our special feature - Scamkiller!