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Dungeon Fighter Online Items

DFO Items are an essential aspect in Dungeon Fighter Online as it is an MMORPG game. In the early game of DFO players are mostly dependent on skills and levels when it comes to their strength and survivability, but as the game progresses, they are in need of effective use of items - equipment, consumables, ingredients or quest materials. Equipment refers to wearable DFO items: there are 10 equip possible slots per character. Many weapons are class-specific and some classes get bonuses from specific armors. Equipment comes in variety of grades, which are Inferior, Weak, Ordinary, Exceptional and Superior. DFO Items is divided into different rarities which are: common, uncommon, rare, legacy, unique, boss unique, halidom, chronicle, legendary and epic. Looking for DFO items? Check MMOAuctions for the latest DFO items offers from players worldwide!