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EVE Online Plex

EvE Online PLEX is a premium currency in EvE Online that is used to purchase various services and a selection of cosmetic items. EvE PLEX are stored in a special section of your inventory called the PLEX Vault. The PLEX Vault is account-bound which means all characters can use the same pool of PLEX.

CCP, the EVE Online developer, came up with an idea of creating a premium currency, that would be exchangeable for the in-game currency (being ISK). This way players gained an option of purchasing ISK for real money without the need to trade it on outside services. It had hit the RMT EVE Online Traders hard, but the trade had not stopped. The implementation of PLEX has lowered the ISK/$ ratio significantly. However, it is still profitable for well-organized farmers to offer their in-game money for a couple of Dollars or Euros.


Adding Omega Game Time by EVE Plex

Primarily PLEX is used to purchase Omega Clone Time. To do so, simply open your PLEX Vault and select “Add Omega Game Time” button. There is also a possibility to donate Omega Clone Time to other account by using “Buy Gift” button to gift it to any character in EvE. This way you can manage Omega Clones on multiple accounts without excessive relogging or just gift some premium time to your friends in New Eden.


EvE Online PLEX are also used to purchase items in New Eden Store such as Skill Extractors, Multiple Pilot Training certificates, clothing, ship skins and more. Just like in case of Omega Time, all items in the store can be bought as a gift as long as you have enough EVE PLEX stored in the PLEX vault.


EVE PLEX can be bought from the official website or retailers such as Steam or Amazon and can be used in-game or sold on the player market for ISK, an in-game currency. You can also enable a “Fast Checkout” option to make PLEX purchases directly from the client but that option is available only for credit card payments.


PLEX can be freely moved from the PLEX Vault to your ship cargo holds and item hangars, placing PLEX outside PLEX Vault is ill advised unless you want to trade PLEX to another player. PLEX stored in the vault is safe, cannot be lost and can be accessed from anywhere in space.


To sell PLEX on the market you can either select “Sell PLEX for ISK” option in your PLEX Vault, or move the PLEX to your item hangar and sell it like any other item. Corporations and Alliances do not have a separate PLEX vault but you can always dedicate a separate corporation hangar just for PLEX. If you decide to travel with PLEX in your cargo hold it follows same rules as any other item placed in your cargo hold - it can be vaporized or looted upon destruction of your ship.


Hopefully you will find this brief guide on PLEX helpful, remember to keep your D-Scans running and fly safe o7