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EVE Online Ships

A fleet worthy of you

EVE Online is unlike every other MMO out there. Players build their fleets from scratch and traverse the New Eden in search of resources and PvP battles. The game encourages behavior that could be considered toxic in other games, like suicide ganking onto unexpected players or straight up scamming them into bad deals. Its a “dog eat dog” world out there in space. The golden rule of EVE Online is: you are going to lose.

There isn’t a worst feeling than losing all your fleet to a surprise attack or a poorly executed battle. Rebuilding the fleet from scratch can be a pain, especially when you know the time it’s going to take you to do it. The safest bet is trading, and while the game has an in-game marketplace and trading is encouraged, it is still too risky. Luckily, there are alternatives to avoid scams and get better prices on that dream ship you’ve wanted to get for a while. Try looking for stronger ships at MMO Auctions!

Conquering every corner of the universe

We are one of those alternative marketplaces for EVE Online and any other game you might play. You can find the best deals and offers on our gaming catalog, with over 150+ games to choose from. Either be it an MMORPG or a mobile gaming, there’s surely an offer for what you want. As a marketplace, we won’t charge any fee for any trade you make; we let players decide on the best prices, payment methods, and time of any deal.

And unlike on EVE Online, we don’t promote scamming or ripping off unsuspecting users. Take a look at our ranking system to see who is new and could potentially be a scammer in disguise. We’ve also developed “Scam Killer,” our on-site database that’s easily accessible just at the right top corner of the page. Type an email address or a Skype ID and discover if someone is out to get you. 

You could also become a prime seller of online goodies. If you have some extra resources or just want to make some money out of your fantastic fleet, why not sell it? Make a profit doing what you love. You could even re-invest them on the game itself. 

Explore New Eden without fear!

Pirates, enemy factions, and rogue players roam every single corner of the universe. They are waiting for you to risk it into a low-security corner of the world to ambush you and take everything you’ve worked for. You must be prepared for anything at every time. The best way to do it? By having reliable and fast ships ready for battle. It doesn’t matter if you are a loner working for the game AI or if you are part of a huge player fleet, you’ll need the best ships.

And since grinding for resources is as risky as in-game trading… You need to go for your best bet for immediate power and security: using MMO Auctions!