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EVE Online Ships


Not all ships in EVE Online can be just bought with ISK. Some are locked behind lower security systems and some have to be crafted by entire corporations and are not really sold. Some of the most powerful ships in the game are not meant to be owned by mere mortals. For many new pilots flying an Amarr Avatar or Minmatar Ragnarok is the highest aspiration but those ships are unavailable for mere mortals. Fortunately enough there are players out there that are more than willing to create one of those monsters for you.

Need to buy a mission ready ship fitted with officer modules? Or perhaps a fleet-ready dreadnought? How about some supercarriers fitted with by the best ratters in the industry? Why spend ISK on a ship when you can buy it cheaper for real cash! Get your EVE Ship of Choice now! Want a Sansha Nation supercarrier Revenant? Chances of getting that via standard means in-game is borderline impossible but its quite likely someone could get you one for stone-cold cash.


There are many ships in EVE Online and they are generally divided into classes and factions. Each faction specializes in different things. Amarr ships are good for lasers turrets and armor tank, Caldari focuses on missiles and shield tank, Gallente uses hybrid weapons and shield tank and Minmatar use projectile weapons and armor tank. Those are the four imperial “races” of EVE, there are also pirate faction ships in EVE that are usually a “mix” of the two imperial races. Guristas Pirates use missile drones and shields, Sansha Nation usually prefer energy turrets and strong shields, Blood Raiders specialize in EWAR and Energy Turrets on armor tanked ships, Angel Cartel have fast projectile turret focused ships, Serpentis use hybrid turrets and armor tank with bonuses to stasis webifiers and Mordu’s Legion uses mostly missiles and shields for defense. There are three additional specialized factions. Sisters of EVE have armored energy turrets ships specialized in space exploration, ORE has exclusively industrial ships. The newest addition to EVE ship roster is the Triglavian Faction that uses a unique type of weapon Entropic Disintegrators. Triglavian ships are still pretty rare but you will surely find some on MMOAUCTIONS.COM. Buy EVE ship you want now!