EVE Online is by many considered the biggest sandbox environment in the gaming world. Currently, there are around 500 thousands players registered. The developer, Icelandic CCP Games, has a strict no-interference policy - which gives EVE Online its unique climate, schemes, scams, politics, and conflicts. EVE world - New Eden - is cruel, ruthless and dangerous. And this is why players love it so much.


One can think it’s just the game, nothing big, but after quick research, you can find out it’s pretty serious. Most dedicated players have devoted countless hours, even years, along with real-world money to become a powerhouse. They have built (or ruined) their personal lives around this game. One article about World War Bee or the Judgment day can change your point of view entirely.


Currently, player holdings are estimated to be worth an equivalent of 18 million USD, so it’s definitely serious.


What is EVE Online PLEX

Pilot License Extension is a form of premium currency in New Eden. You can buy it officially in the in-game store, or through licensed retailers (Amazon, Steam). Also you might want to check some black market offers, but purchasing PLEX in any other place, than official store, is threatened with ban, as Real Money Trading (RMT) is forbidden.


PLEX can be sold to other players for ISK, and the price depends on the region. If you want the stable, reliable prices, then Jita trading hub is your best bet. However if you don't mind risk to get more ISK, you can try some of null-sec regions.


How much is ISK worth

Theoretically, there is no direct possibility to convert ISK into any real-world currency. You cannot buy ISK for money, and you cannot buy real-world money for ISK. Theoretically…


PLEX-ISK conversion

You can try to estimate its value by taking PLEX into the equation. There is a possibility of purchasing PLEX for a price of 20$ (official CCP price) and selling it in-game for ISK. Currently, you can convert 1 PLEX for an average price of 4M ISK.


Skill Injectors conversion and Skill Farm Alt

There is a way of earning ISK with better average ISK/USD ratio, but it’s harder to pull off, as well as it requires patience, time and some investment.


Basically, you aren't able to buy Skill Injectors directly from New Eden Store (NEX), you can only buy empty Skill Extractors. The plan is to create a new alpha account. From time to time the developer offers a 40% discount to go Omega for twelve months for new alpha accounts. Once you grab it, it should generate around 1.6M skill points per month. Then every month you extract those skill points and sell them with a better exchange rate, than PLEX/USD.


Black Market conversion

You can also try to look for ISK buy/sell prices at the black market, where 1$ can provide from 125 M ISK up to 350 M ISK depending on the offer.


EVE Market trading tools

Over the years EVE Online economy has grown beyond imagination. It’s so big and complex, that there are some tools for players to help them trade in New Eden. You can search for recent EVE Online Market average prices and useful data in:

- EVE Marketer

- EVE Market Data

- EVETrade

- EVEMarketHelper.

You can compare prices there, search for satisfying offers and if you are good at trading, maybe even earn some ISK. These spreadsheets are essential if you’re aiming at station trading.


Where do I trade in EVE

There are a couple of trading stations around the New Eden. Some are better than others depending on the type of trade or items that you search. We’ll take a quick look at them.


Jita. Region: The Forge

According to Market Data, EVE’s biggest trade hub. Currently, there are more than 200k buy/sell offers worth a total of almost 84 trillion ISK. You can get the safest trades and best items in there, but also competition is high. If you want a certain buy/sell item trade, widest variety - you go there. If you want a profit, good prices, station trading, you go elsewhere.


You can try Tranquility Trading Tower. This is player driven trading hub one jump away from Jita, so if you don’t find what you looking for, or the prices are not acceptable, you may try your luck there.


Amarr. Region: Domain

Amarr is the second biggest trading hub in terms of volume and items variety according to EVE Marketer. Currently having nearly 81 thousand items buy/sell offers worth of 14,1 trillion ISK.


Dodixie. Region: Sinq Laison

The third volume of trading among the biggest trading stations.  Just a little shy of 50 k offers worth of 6 trillion ISK. Praised by many players for better prices and lower competition than two stations mentioned above.


Rens. Region: Heimatar 

Fourth biggest trading station with 29k buy/sell items offers worth of 4 trillion ISK.


Hek. Region: Metropolis 

Hek is getting more and more attention among trading station for its prices, relatively low competition and less scam risk, than in Jita, Amarr od Dodixie. According to EVE Marketer, it had 25 k offers worth of 3,5 trillion ISK. Its activity, items variety and growing volume of trades makes it interesting for players.


Apart from those major stations, there are dozens of smaller stations scattered throughout each region with average trade volume between 2k and 7,5k offers. Some of them are worth attention, some not, mostly it’s a lottery. You can search for your luck in there and find cool, cheap items or big profit, but there is a risk you’ll waste your time.


EVE Online black market

Let’s face it. EVE black market exists. The rules of supply and demand will always overcome any terms of service. Something being illegal doesn’t mean, it’s not happening (cf. drugs).


How does EVE Black Market work

As mentioned RMT is forbidden in EVE Online, so you can’t go in there with a poster saying: “ISK for $$$! Cheap!”. Searching and finding potential illegal trade opportunities has to be a little more subtle. But fear not - here at MMO Auctions you're at the right place.


Station Trading bots

Some players used to do station trading. They sat in one trading station (preferably Jita due to a high number of offers in one place), checking data, ‘crunching’ market numbers. It was quite profitable, although boring. 


At least it was until bots came into play. They are doing what people used to do, but faster, more efficient and they do not bore. They’re expensive and hard to get, as well as using them is risky in terms of getting banned.


Why MMO Auctions

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