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EVE Online Skill Injectors

Play as you want to play!

EVE Online lets you customize your character like few games before it. Apart from its looks, the in-game skills your characters can learn aren’t locked by race or faction. Every account is quite literally, a blank canvas for your role-playing purposes. So while there are essential skills to farm when you start, the truth is, you’ll need to specialize in a job/role. But leveling up skills could take you tons and tons of in-game hours to max out. That’s why the developers introduced skill injectors, and item that lets you game a ton of skill points with a simple click. You can buy them, sell them, and even farm them if you have enough skill extractors to re-purpose them for later. If you want to have a successful career on EVE Online, you’ll need Skill Injectors.

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The best deals on New Eden

While there are many offers available for you on the game site, EVE Online does encourage in-game scams, as there are no penalties for screwing over other players. Luckily for you, MMO Auctions has many on-site security checks to ensure the safety of every transaction you make. Our ranking system reflects the trustworthiness of our users; low-rank members have had shady deals, while members on the starting rank may be newbies trying to get started. Besides, our amazing on-site tool, “Scam Killer,” will help you find potential scammers when a deal is too good to be true. Go to the right top corner, click on “Scam Killer”, and type the email or Skype ID of your trading partner. If something comes up, it may be better to pull out of a deal.

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The best use for your Skill Injectors!

As a rule of thumb, the earlier you use your Skill Injectors, the better results you’ll see. As in latter “skill tiers,” they’ll lose effectiveness. They are a great way to get new characters into a level high enough so they’ll be able to compete with other players. While some of them are better reserved for giving you those final pushes for specific abilities. 

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