EverQuest Items

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EverQuest Items

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EverQuest Items

EverQuest is one of the most old school MMORPGs. In games like this, strong equipment means everything. There’s not that much room for outplaying your opponents (whether they’re NPCs or other players). The combat mechanics of games that include tab-targeting are pretty straightforward – especially for current standards. At the same time, better gear provides more stats and more stats make you stronger. Buying some of the “best in slot” items in the game is the best way of becoming one of the most powerful players on your server.

Besides all the great weapons, accessories and armor pieces, you can also buy plenty of other valuable categories of items. There are plenty of valuable gemstones, crystals and other crafting materials that drop from various monsters in Norrath. You can later sell them for Platinum, or use them as components for some amazing EverQuest items.

Buy EverQuest Krono

There’s also a whole other type of item called Krono. All the Kronos are initially bought from the game’s publisher – Daybreak Game Company LLC. These items only have a single function – you can exchange them for 30 days of EverQuest All Access membership. In other words – you can use Kronos instead of paying the subscription fee. However, Kronos are tradable items – you can transfer it from one account on the other without any issues. This fact, combined with their real world value, made Kronos a major, premium currency in EverQuest.

Theoretically, trading Kronos for real money is against the Daybreak’s Terms of Service (ToS). That being said, almost no accounts ever get banned for violation of that rule. The developers have been turning a blind eye to the thriving RMT Krono market for years now. Many players use them as the more stable currency that’s going to remain valuable even if the value of EQ Platinum drops drastically. Buying Kronos and selling them in-game for Plat might be one of the quickest and easiest ways to get rich in EverQuest.

EverQuest Gear

As we already mentioned, the gear progression is extremely important aspect of EverQuest. There are multiple great items and reaching the most powerful ones is incredibly difficult. Depending on the server that you’re playing on, some of the greatest equipment can be untradeable. It can substantially limit the possibilities, but there’s still a lot of great stuff that you actually can buy! There are also servers like Firiona Vie where almost all the items are tradable.

There are item sets, but they don’t provide actual completion bonuses, so players often just use the strongest individual pieces that they can get their hands on. Each item can provide significant attribute bonuses and they can amount to huge values, since there are so many active equipment slots in EQ. Moreover, the items can hold some extremely powerful focus effects. They can passively boost your character’s power in very specific ways. For casters it’s usually through increased effectiveness of certain type of spells, for other classes it can be just an elevated critical chance, dodge ratio or many other effects.

A character can use a charm, earrings in their ear, a helm on their head, a mask to protect their face, a necklace, rings, a cape on their back, shoulderguards, a chest armor or breastplate, armplates, wristguards, a belt, gloves, leggings, boots and various weapons (depending on the class). As you can see, that’s a lot of equipment slots – which means that it’s a lot of potential extra stats.

The most extraordinary gear usually drops only in raids and the most difficult dungeons. A lot of these items sadly are untradeable on most servers. However, you can always buy a little worse, but still really strong equipment to get started with raiding and all that difficult content. It’s still a huge acceleration on your path towards the best in slot gear. Even the best providers can’t do all the work for you.

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Whenever you’re looking for anything, make sure to pay attention to all the important factors. Getting the item for a good price will always be a priority, but there are some more things to think about. First of all, EverQuest still has a relatively long list of servers. Some of them might not be as densely populated as the others, but it doesn’t change the fact that you need to make sure that the product you want to buy, is available on your server.

Carefully choosing the right vendor is another consequential step. Luckily, our website features a feedback system that can point you in the right direction. We recommend prioritizing the providers who achieved the MMO Super Seller status. It’s an indicator of the most trustworthy and reliable service and highest quality of offered products.

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EverQuest is one of the first MMORPGs ever created. It has been released in 1999, revolutionizing the market by providing a full 3D graphics and setting course for all the future games in this genre. EverQuest has been developed by Verant Interactive in cooperation with 989 Studios and published in North America by Sony Online Entertainment (now Daybreak Games Company LLC), while Ubisoft took care of the distribution in Europe.

Some aspects of EverQuest are very different from the contemporary standards of the MMO genre. Depending on the server, progression might be very slow and the game can seem rough and challenging. There was almost no tutorial and after creating their characters, players were pretty much dumped in the city they chose and left on their own. At the same time, the monsters were extremely threatening and you could easily die, even in a low level hunting zone.

The overall power level of players’ characters in relation to the NPC monsters is rather low. It almost forced the gamers to interact with each other and group together when they were trying to kill monsters for experience and loot. This way it was not only easier, but also much safer. If you die in EverQuest, your whole equipment stays on your corpse. In order to get it back, you have to run there after you respawn and pick up your items.

This game borrowed a lot from the classic table top RPGs, you can see it very clearly in the character creation process. The race and class choice is quite large for a MMORPG. There are 16 races (including some really unique and original ones) and 16 classes. A few of them have been added in some of the early expansions, so if you’re playing on a server that doesn’t include them – you might have access to a slightly smaller pool.

After picking the race and class, players had to select their patron deity. This choice affects their relations with certain NPCs. It works like assigning yourself to one of the factions existing in the game. Finally, you can also adjust your character’s attributes by spending the available points. This way, you can increase your character’s Strength, Stamina, Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma, Agility and Dexterity.

EverQuest Characters

The playable classes are divided into tanks, physical damage dealers, casters, utility classes and healers. However, with the right specs and gear, some of them can fill multiple roles or play some hybrid setups. The tank classes are Paladin, Warrior and Shadow Knight. Physical DPS is the role of Berserker, Monk, Rogue, Ranger and Beastlord. The caster DPS classes are Magician, Necromancer and Wizard. The utility-focused characters are Enchanter and Bard. Finally, if you wanted to become a healer, you can pick out of Druid, Cleric and Shaman.

These characters can then progress and get stronger by leveling up, getting stronger gear, unlocking and empowering different abilities and even developing some trade skills. At the beginning, each new item is likely to make you more powerful, later on you might want to search for gear that specifically fits your build and has the optimal focus effects.

The gameplay in EverQuest

Currently, some of the most populated EverQuest servers are the ones that offer progression through all the expansions and their content. The server starts with the base game and the subsequent updates and DLCs are being gradually introduced. This makes all the content really valuable at certain points in time.

The gear progression in EverQuest is mostly vertical - this system has been later adopted and popularized by World of Warcraft. New expansions often come with raised level cap as well as more raids and dungeons. Getting through this new content rewards players with progressively stronger item drops, like weapons and armor sets. That makes the raid gear from previous DLCs suboptimal and less valuable. Of course, it’s still very strong and the differences are not that substantial, but it’s no longer the best in slot – and that’s what matters the most for many hardcore gamers.

EverQuest Farming

The best way of getting every item that you want is farming efficiently. If you’re looking for some specific item, you can go straight to the location where it drops and kill the monsters or bosses until you manage to get it. However, a lot of amazing gear pieces can only be acquired in dungeons and raids. Sadly, you won’t be able to accomplish too much there as a solo player and it might really limit your farming options. On the other hand, if the item that you want can be looted in the location where you can easily farm all by yourself, there’s no reason not to do it!

At the same time, if the equipment that you’re looking for is actually tradable, you might want to farm Platinum instead. Get the right amounts of currency and simply buy the item from another player. A huge portion of the powerful equipment can be traded or dropped, especially if you choose the right server for it. You’ll never be able to buy literally everything for Plat, but having a hefty supply of it on your hands can be incredibly helpful.

Farming Strategies

The most reliable technique of farming Platinum is based on using the trade skills. You can decide to level Baking, Brewing, Fishing, Fletching, Jewelcraft, Poison Making, Pottery, Smithing, Spell Research, Tailoring, Tinkering and if you’re playing a Shaman – Alchemy. A large portion of these trades works similarly to crafting professions in other MMO games.

Moreover, you can increase the amount of money made from these skills, by investing in the right attributes. Charisma lets you buy materials from NPC traders for lower prices and Wisdom increases you chance of successfully synthesizing items. In certain versions of the game, you could hit thresholds that allowed for buying the materials so cheap that you could craft items and sell them back to the NPCs for higher prices. It allowed for creating infinite amount of Platinum. However, it was a very slow process that required tons of time for you to finally get rich.

Reaching these breakpoints might not be currently possible on your server, but still it’s a great idea to have a designated crafting character with a lot of points spent on these two attributes. You should also try and give this crafter some gear that can further increase these attributes.

Of course, there are plenty of ways to acquire valuable EverQuest items without crafting. The most traditional method is the good old solo grinding. It also is a time-consuming activity (like almost everything in EverQuest), but if you choose the right farming spot and get a good build, you can definitely get some valuable items and make a lot of Plat. Some players also take the risky route and use bots to farm when they’re AFK. We obviously don’t recommend this approach, because of the risk of getting banned.

Some of the best zones to farm are: Plane of Fire, Plane of Hate, Dulak’s Harbour, Kael Drekkel, Siren’s Grotto and many others. Unless you’re looking for very specific item drops, you just have to find a place with a high density of monsters, where you can comfortably solo farm. You can of course advance into more difficult zones as you level up and get better equipment.

Finally, you can get rich by playing the market. It’s a viable option in every MMORPG with a player-based economy model. With enough experience and game sense, you might be able to simply buy some items cheaper and sell them for a higher price later. Obviously there is a certain amount of risk attached to it and you’re going to need some starting capital to get it rolling, but it remains the method that offers the highest potential of a quick profit. It’s the case in basically all the classic MMO games.