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EverQuest Platinum

Get a nice supply of EverQuest Plat at MMOAuctions! Look at all the offers of EQ Platinum and choose the best one! Buy the main EverQuest currency fast and use it on anything you want!

Buy EverQuest Plat

Platinum is the main currency used in EverQuest. You can use it to buy all kinds of stuff from the NPC traders. More importantly though, you can use it to trade with other players. A lot of very powerful equipment in the game can be easily traded between the characters. Even if some items are in theory “No Trade”, players often find ways to get around that.

The most reliable way of getting large amounts of Platinum is just farming monsters. That being said, EverQuest is a really old school MMORPG. This grind can take a lot of time and can become quite boring. You can save some long hours of potential grinding, by simply buying Plat from other players.

EverQuest includes an important feature called Bazaar. It works very similarly to an auction houses or trading posts known from many games across the genre. Players put up really strong items for sale all the time. With the right amount of Platinum, you’ll be able to gear up instantly! Of course, there’s also an option of trading directly with another player.

Besides the equipment, you can also use Plat to buy materials that you can later use for synthesizing items with one of the tradeskills that work like crafting professions. There are tons of ways to spend the Platinum and progress your character one way or the other.

Farming EverQuest Platinum

There are multiple methods and preferred spots for farming EQ Plat. Some players resort to various bannable strategies, like AFK farming and using bots. Others prefer to keep it clean. They try min-maxing and finding the most efficient locations and routes. Some monsters can drop moderate amounts of Plat, but usually, you’re going to want to farm some valuable materials or even full items (like Defiant gear) that you can later sell on the Bazaar. Farming large amounts of Plat can take you some long days, you can get instantly from the sellers at MMOAuctions!

If you have some initial capital, you can even make money without having to grind. Almost every MMORPG gives its players the possibility to get richer by playing the market. EverQuest is definitely one of these games. Buy cheap and sell for more is always a viable strategy. Of course, if it was that simple, everybody would do it. Getting rich through the Bazaar requires not only some Plat to get rolling, but also a fair amount of game knowledge and maybe even some luck.

Making Platinum with trade skills is somewhat reliant on your character’s attribute setup. Having a high Charisma and Wisdom can be really helpful. The former allows you to get better prices from NPC traders and the latter increases your chance of success while crafting. If you’re looking for a very consistent source of income, you might consider making an alt solely for that purpose. Getting some items that can increase your charisma is also recommended if you’re going in that direction.

If you’re interested in more traditional farming methods, like grinding in a hunting zone, it’s also a good idea. You just need to know which location to choose and what monsters to kill. Some of the more lucrative areas include: Dulak’s Harbour, Siren’s Grotto, Plane of Fire, Plane of Hate and many others. Just remember that you’re not going to be getting Platinum as loot – you’ll get tons of materials and other items that you’ll have to sell. If you want to solo farm with this method, make sure to play a good class – in general, it’s good to have some strong AoE options. Most of the classes are at least decent, but you can struggle a bit as a Warrior or Rogue.  


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EverQuest – A Classic MMO

EverQuest is one of the games that defined the MMORPG genre we know today. This legendary title has been developed by Verant Interactive and 989 Studios. It has been published by Sony Online Entertainment (currently Daybreak Game Company LLC) and Ubisoft Entertainment. The game is over 20 years old and it’s still receiving updates and new expansions – there have already been 26 of them.

The events of EverQuest take place in the magical fantasy world called Norrath. This world is extremely hostile and dangerous. There’s no holding the players by their hands. You’re thrown into the world without a proper tutorial and a lot of mobs, even in the low level zones, can actually kill you. It’s something almost unimaginable for the players that are used to current design standards of MMORPGs. Furthermore, whenever your character dies, they lose their whole inventory. The only way to reclaim it, is coming back to find the corpse. That being said, the thing that killed you in the first place might still be there.

EverQuest is built on the most traditional aspect of the old school MMORPGs – cooperation. There’s no better way to enforce social interaction between players, than to make the world so threatening that teaming up with others is almost necessary to survive. This core element of older MMOs has almost completely disappeared from the modern games, where this rule only applies to endgame content, like raids.

This title revolutionized the idea of online gaming. Not only has it offered a full 3D MMO gaming experience so long ago, but it also inspired multiple great games that came to existence a bit later. You can see pieces of EverQuest in basically every successful MMORPG.

EverQuest Characters

EverQuest is heavily influenced by tabletop RPGs. It manifests in multiple aspects, including the multitude of options and the complexity of character creation. There are sixteen races that include all the classic RPG choices and a few more original ones, like the frog people called Froglok and lizardmen – Iksar.

Then, you have to pick one of the sixteen character classes, but some of them are only available to certain races. The EverQuest players can journey through Norrath as: Bard, Beastlord, Berserker, Cleric, Druid, Enchanter, Magician, Monk, Necromancer, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Shadow Knight, Shaman, Warrior and Wizard. Each one of these classes can, more or less, fit into one of the standard roles of damage dealer, tank and healer (some of them have multiple viable options, including hybrid builds). Of course, all of them can also farm level solo or in small groups.

That’s not all though. Besides the traditional choices of race and class, there are few more options. Players get to choose their patron deity. It will affect their gaming experience, since it determines your avatar’s relations with certain NPCs. Deities in EverQuest have a similar function to factions in many other games. Finally, you can adjust your character’s attributes before starting the adventures. There are seven of them: Strength, Agility, Stamina, Intelligence, Wisdom, Dexterity and Charisma.

A huge portion of the game revolves around getting stronger gear and more valuable loot. EverQuest is one of the few games that are still pretty vertical in terms of progression. There’s always stronger equipment to acquire and the developers keep adding in new updates and expansions. There’s still a lot to do in EverQuest!