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Fallout 76 Atoms

Fallout 76 features in-game microtransaction currency called Atoms. As soon as Fallout 76 Beta ended, Bethesda decided to release Atoms You can earn them by either doing things in the game or buying them with real-world money. If you are interested in playing Fallout 76 after seeing mixed reviews for the game and looking to spend real money to buy Atoms look no further!

I will explain what they are, how to get them, where to spend them and on what you can spend them.

What is Fallout 76?

Fallout 76 is an online role-playing game and latest installment in Fallout series released for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on November 14, 2018. Developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks it is the first game in the series that featured multiplayer and made it an essential part of the game.


Despite making it online experience its gameplay remains largely the same, players start out in Vault 76 and leave it in order to explore the nuclear wasteland littered with dangerous beasts, mutants, ghouls, story items and torn by wars between factions just like in other Fallout games. This time you will follow the roads of wasteland and explore the setting of West Virginia, developing your character along the way.


Game itself on launch was available in stores in three editions: Standard Edition, Deluxe Edition, and Power Armor Edition.

How to get Atoms

I suggest you read this paragraph because I’m gonna share with you a good guide on how to get Atoms. Atoms can be obtained through completing various small tasks in-game like killing a creature, cooking a meal or crafting some ammo. I will try to include main and extra tips on how Atoms can be earned in high amount. There are generally two ways to earn Atoms. Apart from buying them for real cash, there are three types of challenges: Non-timed, Daily and Weekly that can be completed once.


Here’s the full list of content allowing you to work towards more Atoms by simply gaming:

Daily Challenges

(can be completed once a day) :


Kill 10 Ghouls

20 Atoms

Revive an Ally

10 Atoms

Harvest 5 Bloodleaf plants

10 Atoms

Boil 10 Water

10 Atoms

Cook 5 Soup

10 Atoms

Collect 100 Wood

20 Atoms

Level Up

10 Atoms

Scrap a Human Skull

10 Atoms

Consume 10 Raw Meat

20 Atoms

Claimed an owned Workshop

40 Atoms

Weekly Challenges

(can be completed once a week):


Complete 10 Events or Quests while in a group

40 Atoms

Gather 5 Building Supplies

40 Atoms

Claim the Workshop

30 Atoms

Kill 25 enemies in a location

30 Atoms

Take photos in cities and towns

30 Atoms

Take photos at Cemeteries

30 Atoms

Craft a piece of armor or weapon

20 Atoms

Survival Challenges

(can be completed once):


Kill a Creature

10 Atoms

Boil Water

10 Atoms

Learn a recipe or plan

20 Atoms

Scavenge for junk to scrap

20 Atoms

Set up a Camp

10 Atoms

Pick 12 different herbs

40 Atoms

Acquire a disease

20 Atoms

Harvest 11 different wild plants and fungi

40 Atoms

Take a photo of Appalachia

20 Atoms

Explore Appalachia for an hour

10 Atoms

Explore Appalachia for 24 hours

20 Atoms

Equip a Perk Card

10 Atoms

Discover different locations

20 Atoms

Find Overseer’s Log

20 Atoms

Kill 10 Super mutants

20 Atoms

Join a group

10 Atoms

Explore Nuke sites

10 Atoms

Collect 200 Junk

10 Atoms

Fallout 76 Atom Prices in Game:

                 Quantity                               Price Bonus Atoms

500 Atoms

4.99 $ / 3.99 £

0 Atoms (0%)

1000 Atoms

9.99 $ / 7.99 £

100 Atoms (10%)

2000 Atoms

19.99 $ / 15.99 £

400 Atoms (20%)

4000 Atoms

40.00 $ / 31.99 £

1000 Atoms (25%)

Where to spend Atoms?

Atoms in Fallout 76 can be spent in only one place, Atomic Shop designed purely for microtransactions and offering only cosmetic items for purchase from the store, including outfits, headwear, skins for weapons, skins for Pip-Boy, furniture, decorations, structures, machinery, and tattoos.

Their cost varies from item to item.


Atomic Shop

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