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Fallout 76 Caps

Fallout 76 caps are an iconic currency of the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout games. They became currency mainly due to the fact that they are widely available throughout the nuclear wastelands.

Other reasons are their resistance to the wear of time which caused most of the paper money to deteriorate and is difficult to counterfeit, as the technology necessary to manufacture them was largely lost to time.


They were with the Fallout series since the beginning and can be instantly recognized by players familiar with the classic Fallout franchise. Thus they became an inseparable and one of the unique features of the Fallout world, similar to Power Armor or Pip-Boy.


Bottle caps come mainly from Nuka-Cola bottles and factories, Fallout equivalent of Coca-Cola from the real world. Apart from standard bottle caps available in every Fallout game in the series, worth mentioning are Sunset Sarsaparilla bottle caps exclusive to Fallout: New Vegas.


fallout 76 caps


While bottle caps are definitely the most popular currency in the Fallout world, there are also Pre-war banknotes, a relic of the long-gone past, NCR dollars used in the New California Republic territories, Legion coins minted from silver and gold and finally casino chips used in New Vegas settlement.

Fallout 76 Caps

Bottle caps play the same role in Fallout 76 as they did in previous Fallout games. They are currency used to trade with vendors and merchants for weapons and various other items. The main difference is the option to trade with other players instead of NPC since Fallout 76 is the first multiplayer game in the series. Appalachia is the Fallout equivalent of West Virginia and you are going to need a lot of caps to survive out there in the wasteland.

How to earn a decent amount of Fallout 76 Caps fast

Bottle Caps can be earned in many different ways, below I listed each of the ways to earn Caps:


Here’s the list:


  • Killing enemies
  • Selling weapons
  • Completing quests (group/solo) (depends on quest reward)
  • Trading with other players
  • Looting secret caps stash
  • Looting safes and Vault cap stashes
  • Selling junk items to vendors
  • Killing players with a bounty on their head
  • Harvesting and selling minerals and other resources
  • Killing Super Mutants (usually rewards 1-2 caps per Super Mutant)
  • Mothman Egg farming
  • Looting things in general
  • Looting new locations
  • Finding loot


From time to time there is a new exploit method allowing fallout 76 players to get good amounts of caps fast and easy, but it’s generally not recommended as Bethesda is quick to ban players using exploits.


Worth mentioning are Perk cards. Some of them might help you save some caps here and there when you purchase stuff from vendors while others boost your caps income from looting, even if it’s a tiny bit.


  • Fortune Finder - plays an easily audible sound when near a cap stash.

  • Travel Agent - gives you a 30% discount on fast travel purchases.

  • Cap Collector - gives a chance of getting a bigger number of caps from each caps stash

  • Hard Bargain - vendor prices are reduced and stuff you sell them is more valuable


What to spend Bottle Caps on?

There many guides on how to get caps, but where actually can you spend them?


For one unlike in previous games in the Fallout universe, caps are used for fast travel. Fast traveling is no longer free and those wishing to save a day or two on traveling many times through the wasteland map will have to reach for their virtual cash or Pip-boys.


Around the wasteland, lie scattered vending machines, they are usually the last resort when you run out of stimpacks or other crucial items because their prices are really high. Start prepared for the exploring and you are not going to need them.


An important aspect of getting more bottle caps and the one you certainly shouldn’t overlook is maximum carry load - in other words, how much your character can carry.


You may be able to kill everyone in a location quickly and efficiently but it won’t matter if, in the end, you won’t be mobile enough to get back and sell what you gathered.


In order to increase your maximum carry weight, you have to put points in Strength, with each point earning you additional 5 lbs to maximum carry weight. So you should probably keep that in mind when you level up and plan your points ahead accordingly while still earning experience. There are also perks that increase the max carry weight.


Although how much you can carry on your character is important, don’t forget about your personal stash box in your camp, unfortunately, restricted to 400 lbs. You can’t unlock additional space, however, you can make the best with what you’ve got. The most basic and key of the methods for saving space would be disassembling supplies into raw materials limiting the amount of weight they take up.

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