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FarmVille Accounts

In order to get the most out of Farmville, you need to have a decent level that allows you to plant the most profitable crops, to speed their development, and to purchase livestock, which is necessary if you want to succeed at this game.

Due to the game and Facebook policies, in-game trading is not allowed, so there is práctically no way to get items or consumables outside the game servers… however, even if not allowed by Zynga games, there are plenty of players out there trading Farmville accounts, which is, basically a Facebook account that also has a Farmville account with a lot of stuff already.

Find your next account at MMOAuctions

If you are looking for a fully developed account to start your farming adventure, you first have to be aware Zynga games do not allow account trading, and if got caught you may end up losing the account or even get banned from the game, so if you purchase a developed account you are doing it under your own risk.

That said, the next thing you have to do is to create your MMOAuctions account and set up a payment method. Once you got it, you can start browsing over the thousands of offers available on the platform and find your perfect match.

MMOAuctions is a huge online gaming community where players from all corners of the world come together to trade their virtual goods, and they choose us for many reasons. For instance, Creating an account, posting listings, buying and selling are completely free! There are no fees at all for any transaction you make here. 

All transactions at MMOAuctions are 100% between users, so you don’t have to worry about middlemen, fees, or restrictions; and you can choose freely who to make business with.

One of main concerns is to make this a nice friendly and safe place for all users, that’s why we put special effort into developing tools that help you find all you need to know about any potential business partner. One of those tools is our feedback system, which is entirely user-based. Each time you close a deal, you can evaluate your partner and they will evaluate you. The more good business you make, the more your reputation will grow. This system is particularly helpful when you want to make business with some new trader and want to make sure they are for real.

But we also encourage all users to take advantage of our Scam Killer. An outstanding database that collects information from all around the internet and spots any known scammers. All you have to do is to type in a user’s email or Skype ID and Scam Killer will tell you if they have been involved in any kind of fraudulent activity, so you can think twice if you want to complete the transaction or better walk away.

So, either if you are looking for Farmville items and accounts or any other game-related virtual-goods, this is the right place for you! Take a look at our listings and find thousands of offers for characters, gear, weapons, ships, pets, and many other items, not only from Farmville but from almost 200 different games, including Facebook games, MMORPGs, Mobile, shooters and many more