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FarmVille Accounts

FarmVille Account development is based on character's levels which are achieved with particular amounts of experience points. Higher levels allows you to buy more items from the market i.e. crops, trees, animals etc. With higher level you are also able to send a wider range of different gifts to neighbours. With every level achieved the player can earn extra features for farm. For example at level 5 farmer can fertilize neighbours' crops and at level they can reach crop mastery. Every players in FarmVille starts game with level 1 with farm of size 12x12. On June 2010 the level cap was raised up to level 110. Every level grants player with title unique for each level, for example at level 1 you are "Field Hand", at level 13 "Jolly Rancher", at level 87 - "Farm Fiend". In need of FarmVille virtual goods? Check MMOAuctions for the latest FarmVille Accounts offers!