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FarmVille Items

Farmville is mos of all, a social networking game, that means the interaction between users and Facebook policies have something to do with how it is played. For instance, one of the best ways to improve your farm or speed up your crops is through contacting friends and asking them to “help” you, and of course, doing the same for them as much as you can, Many of the tasks your friends can help you with, usually costs Farm Cash, that means real money, so the social component becomes interesting as you always can choose to spam your friends asking them to help you, or spending some bucks… to make it short; the more introverted you are, the more you’ll have to spend. Sad but true.

The bright side is you do not have to spam your FB friends who don’t even know about the game, but you can also bother your Farmville neighbors. Neighbors are people who also play the game whom you can go to ask for help or items without even adding them as Facebook friends.

Neighbors can visit and help each other with tasks that will also be rewarded by the game, they can also send gifts and supplies, and work together to complete specialized tasks that reward all of the players involved, like co-op missions. 

Farmville market on MMOAuctions.

In-game trading is practically impossible, The gifts you send and receive are completely random, and there is really no open market for items as in other games, but what you can get your hands on for sure are fully developed accounts with all kinds of stuff in it.

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