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FarmVille Coins

In Farmville you will find two main currencies: Farm Coins, that you can get inside the game by completing different tasks, and selling your crops, and can be used to purchase basic in-game items as seeds. There is also Farm Cash, which you can purchase from Zynga Games with real-world money. Farm Cash is very difficult to get since it cannot be earned from the economic activity you have within the game, but only by actions as leveling up or completing specific tasks.

You will need some amount of these two currencies since they are the main way to get the items you need as additional animals, land, seeds, fertilizers, water, power tools like tractors, fuel, and others.

There are many ways to increase your Coins, as getting a Dairy Farm filled with Belted Cows, owning a Chicken Coop, or planting Peach palm Trees.

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