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For Honor Accounts

Check the best For Honor Accounts offers. For Honor Accounts has a unique progression system called Reputation system. This is very unique among other multiplayer productions. Every match offers you something called orders. These are ascribed at random and can be anything from getting only honorable kills to doing specific things as a certain hero. Completing orders will provide you some extra experience points and currency. Once you reach level 20 with any character, you will get a message letting you to advance in reputation. You will lose all the unlocked features earned during progression to level 20. Earning reputation point increases bases stats on character. For example reputation 2 viking with level 20 will be significantly worse than reputation 3 viking at level 1. With higher reputation you are able to equip higher grade equipment. Looking for For Honor Accounts offers? Or maybe you have spare virtual goods you want to get rid of? Check MMOAuctions for latest offers or put your own offer in less than 60 seconds!