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For Honor Steel

Each MMORPG has its currency. Steel is the transaction currency in For Honor. With steel, you can unlock and exchange all the elements of the game, including unlocking gear. In addition, to get new characters or achieve champion rank, you will also need a lot of steel

There are several ways to obtain large quantities of steel. For example, after the tutorial, you will receive 2000 steel at the beginning of the game. With this amount, you will buy four new heroes. A great start! Another way to get steel is complete orders. In For Honor, there are three types of orders: Contracts Orders, Daily Orders, and Event Orders

When you finish a Contract Order, you will receive 100, 150, or 200 steel. The Daily Order will give you 250 or 300 steel. Event Orders, on the other hand, will provide you with 500 steel. These orders are updated every certain time. A third way, but it takes a little more time, is to finish the campaign in the realist mode. This will give you considerable steel.Either way, getting steel in For Honor is very difficult, so upgrading your warriors is a time-consuming goal. 

But there is another way, which is to buy the steel directly in the game or from an external supplier, that is, from a player. Here, in MMOAuctions, you will find many suppliers who want to sell their steel at a very low price. Failing that, you can sell your steel if you wish. Also, trade, buy or sell everything you want. Our team awaits you with open arms. 

Large amounts of steel here in For Honor Marketplace

As you can infer from the previous section, steel is a fundamental aspect of developing your experience in For Honor. Basically, the more steel you have, the greater your chances of creating a powerful warrior. So you should focus on getting as much steel as possible. 

The providers who offer their services in MMOAuctions sell large quantities of steel at very low prices, or they can take care of your account to make your earn steel inside it. Both alternatives are good, although we recommend the second one, it is more effective and has a lower price. 

You can also offer you the best equipment, Heroic, Epic, and Legendary gear for a good amount of steel. Out there, in the world of For Honor, there are hundreds of players looking to have the best gear in the game. In exchange for this gear, they will give you a lot of steel, the necessary one so that you can obtain more warriors or other equipment that you need.