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Gloria Victis Market

Gloria Victis is a low-fantasy sandbox MMORPG that takes place in a late medieval world. The game features an advanced crafting and gathering system that plays a major part in the game’s play-driven economy. Check out the offers posted at MMOAuctions to find all the gold, items and power leveling services that you may need!

Gloria Victis Trading

In Gloria Victis, all gear is either crafted by the players or bought from NPCs. The game attempts to create a realistic environment with a multi-step crafting process that starts at gathering raw materials in the open world goes through refinement and producing parts to finally end up with a fully completed weapon or armor piece.

An overwhelming majority of in-game items is tradable. This creates a great market for materials and gold – the main currency in Gloria Victis. These resources are extremely important for your progress in this MMORPG and buying a large stock of them can really help you out in the early and mid-game.

There’s no tab targeted combat in Gloria Victis. Players have to aim their attacks in order to land them deal damage. At the same time, there’s active blocking and everything happens in real-time. This system places a great emphasis on player skill. At the same time, stronger equipment can come a long way in helping you perform in combat. Since aiming your hits requires a lot of effort, at least make sure that your attacks will be devastating for the opponent.

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We want to keep all the online transactions safe and secure – that’s why we implemented certain tools that can be really helpful while trading. First of all, you should always pay attention to the user rank. If you want to be sure about the vendor, try to buy exclusively from users that have the MMO Super Seller status. It’s the highest rank available on our site and you can only get it by providing your products and services to lots of satisfied customers!

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