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Gloria Victis Items

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Item System in Gloria Victis

The developers pride themselves in the immersive realism they managed to implement in the game – it’s especially apparent in the item system. You won’t get a new sword by killing a wolf or boar and looting its body. The players have to gather the raw strategic resources, refine them into materials and then use them to craft weapons, armor pieces, or whatever they need at the moment. A lot of effort goes into creating a full set of strong gear and it doesn’t even end there! Your items will need regular repairs in order to remain useful and efficient.

Obviously, you don’t have to go through the whole process entirely by yourself. For some players collecting all the materials with their own hands feels really satisfying. For others, it’s a mundane chore that takes way more time than it should. If you belong to the latter group, you might be interested in buying the best items from the trusted sellers on our website. You can also use gold to buy items or materials from other players within the game.

Don’t wait, get the best GV items today and accelerate your character’s progress! Use them to level up faster and to conquer more territories for your faction! Become one of the most powerful medieval knights and defeat your opponents in the skill-based combat.

Gloria Victis is a low fantasy medieval independent MMORPG that has been available to play since 2016. It’s a great realistic game with an advanced player-driven economy and a satisfying combat system.