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Gloria Victis Items

  Gloria Victis is mainly based on Medieval reality. Medieval soldier usually took care of his equipment by himself - it was common for armies to be dappled and equipped in different armors - from light leather armors to shining plate breastplates. Light armors are cheap and common, and mostly made of leather or hardened linen. Because of light weight they allow soldier to efficiently evade attacks and move faster. There are also medium armors, mostly made of leather with metal plates or hauberk. Heavy armors are made of heavy metal plates and allows soldier to be protected in the most efficient way, however the weight highly impacts movement abilities and comfortability. Among weapons you will find melee weapons, polearms and distance weapons of all kinds that have been used during Medieval period. Looking for well developed Gloria Victis account with high-end equipment? Check MMOAuctions for the latest offers from players and traders worldwide!