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Gloria Victis Accounts

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Buy Gloria Victis Accounts

Gloria Victis is a medieval MMORPG that features a lot of different elements that aim to make it as realistic as possible. Wild animals that you kill won’t drop perfectly crafted weapons and armors for your character. Instead, you have to gather the necessary resources, process them into materials and create the necessary equipment at a blacksmithing station.

The combat system is mostly based on skill – you can’t get that much of an advantage from simply having the better gear. Besides, the game features an interesting partial loot system. PvP is a major part of Gloria Victis and this means that you’re going to die at some point. When that happens, you won’t lose all your items, but the opponent will have an opportunity to loot a few things from your corpse. Luckily, getting strong items in Gloria Victis is not that difficult and you should be able to easily replace your missing gear. It’s especially true if you’re playing on an already developed account that has plenty of resources to spare.  

Besides the stock of gold and materials, buying an account has some other benefits too. It allows you to skip some parts of the leveling process. The levels in Gloria Victis might not be as crucial as in most other MMORPGs, but they still play a significant part. As usual, maxing out your character’s experience is a relatively time-consuming process. Fortunately, you can skip a large portion of it thanks if the character that you buy already has a high level.