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Gloria Victis Gold

Buy Gloria Victis Gold today!

Gold is the primary currency in Gloria Victis. It plays an important part in the complex, player-driven economy system of the game. This MMORPG features a realistic system of collecting and processing resources that are necessary to create more powerful items. Having a large stock of gold allows you to skip some of the mundane efforts. Let the other players do the hard work for you!

Almost all the items in Gloria Victis can be traded. This means that with a lot of gold, you will be easily able to upgrade or supplement your gear. Get the GV gold and buy the most powerful weapons and armors! Besides, you can also use gold to repair your items, buy recipes, use the fast travel system and more!

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Gloria Victis has been initially released in 2016. The game has been developed and published by a small Polish studio called Black Eye Games. Gloria Victis is a realistic, medieval MMORPG with an advanced economy and skill-based combat.