Gloria Victis Gold

  To get started in Gloria Victis it is recommended to gain some in-game currency first. Main currency in Gloria Victis is gold, divided into four denominations which are: copper, bronze, silver and gold. To earn your first money in Gloria Victis you can choose between selling items to players or the local town's NPC vendors. Any NPC will pay you exact same amount of money for the same items. You can sell almost every item available in game to vendors in starter towns. As a beginner you will need to collect as much basic resources as you can and then sell them to NPCs. Since crafting is very complex in Gloria Victis many players will pay tons of gold in order to get ahold of resources harvested by you. Collect a good amount and get rich. Looking for Gloria Victis currency? You are in the right place! Check MMOAuctions for the latest currency offers from players worldwide!