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Heroes of Newerth Trade at MMOAuctions

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Heroes of Newerth Market

Heroes of Newerth has been a part of the initial rise of the MOBA genre that has been started by the original Defense of the Ancients mod for Warcraft 3. HON was initially developed by S2 Games and published by Frostburn Studios. It has been released to wide audiences in 2010.

For the most part, Heroes of Newerth employed relatively standard multiplayer online battle arena concepts. Players face each other in 5v5 matches, where the main objective is to destroy your opponent’s base. As the match progresses, the players earn experience points to level up and gold to buy items. Players can pilot over 130 unique heroes which all have different skill sets. These characters can however be divided into the standard MOBA roles. Players can also purchase a premium currency called Coins and use it to buy hero skins – alternative looks and visual effects for your favorite character.

The MOBA genre is not exactly known for its player-to-player trading. It’s not like in MMORPGs, where players can trade the main currency to later buy all types of valuable items from NPC or other player characters. There might be a few elements of progression outside of the match, but it’s often related to unlocking cosmetics and not gaining raw power.

A large portion of the MOBA identity is the fact that all players start the game with an identical power level. They have to keep farming, slaying enemies and destroying their structures in order to earn gold and experience. Every match is its own story – you have to build your advantage from scratch every time you start a new game.

In games like that, the majority of the trade is focused around selling accounts and providing rank boosting services. The former can provide you access to some amazing cosmetics and other types of unlocked content, while the latter can help you increase the quality of your games and allow you to play with (and against) better players.