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Heroes of Newerth is a multiplayer online battle arena game originally developed by S2 Games, released on May 12, 2010, now available on MMOAuctions! The game matches two teams of players against each other. Both teams are based at opposite corners of the map in their bases. Bases consist of buildings, minion spawn points, towers, hero spawning pool and central structure. The main goal of Heroes of Newerth is either to destroy the central structure or to force the opposing team to surrender. In each game player chooses one hero for the duration of one match. There are over 130 heroes available to choose from. Most heroes have four abilities which can be acquired and upgraded via leveling up. Heroes are grouped by their main attributes which are strength, agility and intelligence. Looking for virtual goods connected with Heroes of Newerth? You are in the right place! Check MMOAuctions for the most actual offers from players and traders worldwide!