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Heroes of Newerth Skins

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Skin Trading in Heroes of Newerth

Just like almost every MOBA on the market, Heroes of Newerth features skins – they’re also referred to as alternative avatars or alt avatars. They are purely cosmetic products that alter the appearance (and optionally animations) of certain characters. Their significance can range from simple recolors to much more advanced visual projects. Players can unlock them by spending a premium currency that’s available for real money. While the already bought skins cannot be traded, there’s an option to use your Gold coins on a gift for a player on your friend’s list.

This feature opens up a somewhat limited, but real possibility for skin trading in HoN.  Players who have some superfluous gold can offer to gift skins to others for a discounted price. These players might have bought their Gold coins much earlier, during some promotional events. Alternatively, some of them might want to quit the game and utilize the unspent coins to get some value back. No matter which one is it – this creates an opportunity for players like you, to acquire some great and cheap skins.

Heroes of Newerth is a fast-paced MOBA that was initially released in 2010. It has been developed by S2 Games and released by Frostburn Studios. It provides a ton of room for skill expression for its players. While it definitely has been outshined by its peers like League of Legends and Dota 2, Heroes of Newerth still provides interesting gameplay and a breath of fresh air in the MOBA genre.