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Heroes of Newerth Gold

Take a look at the best offers of Heroes of Newerth Gold on MMOAuctions! You can use this currency to unlock heroes, buy alternative skins and plenty of other amazing in-game content! Don’t wait - get a supply of HoN Gold today!

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How does HoN Gold work?

Heroes of Newerth features two main currencies. Silver is a free currency that’s obtained through playing the game, winning matches et cetera. It can be used to unlock playable characters as well as some other types of useful content. There also are the Gold Goblin Coins – they’re the game’s premium currency. You can buy them for real money directly from the HoN shop, gift them to your friends or redeem them with a special purchasable code. Gold provides a much quicker way of unlocking everything you want. It also opens up more possibilities than silver. Besides just the heroes, Gold can be used to get skins, icons and other interesting cosmetics.

Theoretically, Heroes of Newerth Gold Coins can’t be transferred from one account to another. That being said, there are ways to work around that fact. As we mentioned, players can use the gifting system or redeemable codes to get their gold. There are lots of providers that can utilize these methods to sell you Gold for lower prices than in the store! Just look for the best bargains and save some money! You don’t have to spend a fortune in order to unlock all your favorite characters and skins!

Heroes of Newerth Gold can also refer to the in-match currency that players receive for last-hitting creeps, killing opponents, slaying neutral bosses, and destroying structures. It’s one of the main resources during a match and it works similarly as in other popular MOBAs like League of Legends or Dota 2. You can spend it to buy items that increase your hero’s power. This obviously cannot be traded between accounts as it resets after every match. Selling this product is impossible, so don’t trust anyone claiming that they can do it.