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Iruna Online - Default

Iruna Online is, actually, one of the most important free-to-play RPG for mobile devices. There are over a million users in Japan alone. Iruna Online differs from other RPGs or MMORPGs by its anime aesthetics, edgy, and small, stubby characters that make this game very lovable. Like all MMORPGs, Iruna has a cooperative game system, different kinds of guilds, a vast world full of different landscapes, equipment, items and all that characterizes this kind of game. 

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A great MMORPG for mobile devices

The world of Iruna is in a millennial war for control of the territory. All four clans, Diel, Cule, Hume and Elf, must face each other in this legendary war. Which clan are you going to choose? On this decision depends the development of your skills, the look of your character and the future of your story. 

In addition, you must assign yourself to one of the 8 existing classes in the game: Paladin, Gladiator, Sniper, Assassin, High Wizard, Enchanter, Bishop and Monk. Each of these classes will depend on the initial class, Warrior or Mage, which you will have to develop up to level 120 to reach them. Also, there are special assignments for all classes, which you can access at level 100: Samurai, Ninja and Minstrel. 

Are you ready to fight for your clan? Whatever your answer, you need to know that MMOAuctions is here to help you move forward with your adventure.