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Iruna Online Items

Iruna Online - Items

Items in Iruna Online are hundreds and they are divided into categories according to the aspect they aim at. These categories are: recovery, status, strengthening, teleport, skill, chests, collectibles, ores, island objects, store items, pets and equipment. Many of these items are very, but very hard to get, such as special weapons or Relic Crystas. 

The same nature of Iruna Online, that is to say, being a game for mobile devices, makes it a transitory game, in which not many hours a day are spent. This is why getting the above-mentioned items is even more difficult. 

But MMOAuctions has shown up in your life, so you don't have to worry. Our team of professional players has created this platform, in which you will able to find a lot of services, which you can trade, buy and sell independently. If you have incredible items of Iruna Online, so you can offer them here. If you want to buy some special item, so you can trade it or buy it here. MMOAuctions is the perfect place to trade what you were looking for!

Items, equipment and more at Iruna Online Marketplace

Items to learn skills are among the most requested on Iruna Online. For example, Assassin's move 3, Aurora Master 2 or Prayer to Gods 3 are some of the ones that teach you very useful skills. And of course, there are Recovery items, which, as the name suggests, will recover your HP or MP in different amounts and at different rates. These items are also among the most required. 

Talking about equipment, you will find all the classic weapons, such as swords, bows, canes, claws, and many kinds of armor that will depend on your class to wear. In addition to these, there are also accessories, which will increase a part of your character's stats. Many of these are also very hard to come by. 

But in Iruna Online Marketplace you have great opportunities to find these items and more. The users who publish in our platform are professional players who have spent years collecting all kinds of items. Now they want sell them at a good price! This is your chance to get all the items you want in the easiest possible way. Enter to MMOAuctions and start to trade. 

Iruna Online, more than an incredible story

The twelve Gods of Iruna have come into conflict. Now the four clans are fighting for supremacy of the territory. The story begins and you need the best weapons, armors, accessories and items to emerge victorious from this battle.

Get together with your friends and contact other players so you can get all the tools you need to move your campaign forward. Many of these players are here at MMOAuctions. Create your account, contact them and start making the best items and equipment for your fight. They are waiting for you.