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Last Oasis Trading

This game is a survival MMO that features many gathering components and crafting of various parts and items. This resource-focused system makes Last Oasis an exciting game in terms of the economy. Players can't loot Flots in the open world – you can't get them from NPC enemies or through gathering. However, you can get a lot of useful materials and items that can later be sold for Flots to the Trading Station (also called Trade Station) or to other players. It is the only source of currency within the game.

The Trading Stations are an incredibly important part of the Last Oasis. Players can't trade between each other directly - everything has to go through the stations' hub structure. Moreover, they're some of the very few combat-free zones in the game. That being said, there's no guarantee that you won't get attacked right after you exit the safe zone – it's quite likely to happen.

The player-to-player transactions on the Trading Tables are subject to a 10% tax - keep that in mind when calculating your profit margins. When the station is located on a territory that's controlled by a clan, they will be the ones who receive the tax. This way, clans can actually profit from allowing other players to collect resources and trade in their dominion. Moreover, the market prices are not global - players can take advantage of that and play as nomadic caravaneers - traders that move from one Oasis from the other, looking from best deals and profiting from them. However, it comes with a significant risk in a game like this. Traveling all by your lonesome creates a risk of getting jumped by a group of hostile players. It can lead to losing a part (or all) of your supplies.

The players can trade vitamins, armor pieces, weapons, and raw resources (mostly different types of crafting materials). In order to buy or sell anything, you have to approach a trading table. Then, you can create a buy order or a sell order. A buy order allows you to set a desired price and quantity of a specific item. When a sell order meets these criteria, you will automatically buy them. Sell orders are more standard – you pick the items for sale, set your price, and wait for buyers. There's also an instant sell option that automatically chooses the highest buy orders available – you can use it if you need quick Flots. Overall, the game's trading aspect is really important, and it's going to get even more developed.


Last Oasis Trade

Enter the Last Oasis market at MMOAuctions. Getting some of the most useful products can make your gaming experience a lot more enjoyable!

If you're not too attached to your current account, you can buy a new one already developed. Let other players do the hard work for you and jump straight into the most exciting parts of the game! You can buy an account with multiple great Walkers, a developed Tech Tree, and a great supply of Flots and crafting materials. It opens up more possibilities than starting from scratch, spending long hours on progressing, and collecting resources. Getting a new account is also a great option if you lost your previous one or got it banned.

Then, if you want to go through the whole journey with a character you created, there are still some great options. A healthy stockpile of Flots can go a long way in making your early game more manageable. You can later use them to level up your Walkers or buy stuff from other players at the Trading Station. Besides, you won't lose your Flots when you get killed by other players. For the most part, Last Oasis is a full loot game, but even if you lost all your equipment, you could at least keep your money to buy some replacements.

Finally, there are the tradable items. Some of the most important ones that you can buy are materials and quality materials, Fragments, and Tablets. You can also get some weapons and armor pieces, but they're not as crucial. Materials are necessary to craft anything in the Last Oasis, and the highest quality ones can be made into more powerful items and Walkers. Meanwhile, Fragments and Tablets are associated with the Tech Tree system. They're necessary to unlock new recipes and your character's ability to craft better items.

No matter which option you're going to choose, you'll find the best products and services at MMOAuctions! Last Oasis in a survival MMO developed and published by Donkey Crew. The game has been released in early access in the first quarter of 2020. At the moment, it's only available on PC.