Last Oasis items

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Last Oasis Items

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Last Oasis Items market

There are plenty of great, tradable items that you can buy or sell in Last Oasis. One of the game’s most important features is the Tech Tree and crafting, so let’s start with the materials. Various recipes for equipment, vitamins, walker parts, and other important stuff, will require different components.

As you wander across the post-apocalyptic Earth, you’re going to find resources like Fiber, Cotton, Wood, Stone, Blood Turnip, Beeswax, Cactus Flesh, Huge Cactus Fruit, Clay, Bone Splinter, Rupu Wine and much more!  There are over 30 materials that can be found in different locations. Then, there are the craftable materials like Glass Vial, Purified Water, Bone Glue, Iron Ingot et cetera. The tradable items can be bought and sold through the Trading Station that works as an in-game auction house.

As you continue progressing through the Tech Tree, you will get access to more and more crafting stations and recipes to use various materials. For instance, Wood Shafts are some of the most important parts of any wooden constructions (including walkers). You can find this material in the open world, but you can also craft it, using a Woodworking Station. Try and estimate which materials you need the most and look for the appropriate auctions on our website!

Besides all the different types, the quality of materials is another important factor. The higher quality ingredients can be used to make better weapons, armors, tools and walkers. Early on, the players are unable to get the highest quality materials in the game. In order to do so, you’re going to need advanced tools. Moreover, the most valuable nodes will often spawn on the hard maps in the locations that are really difficult to reach. Buy some of the best materials, use them to craft powerful items, and get an edge over your competition!

 In order to develop the aforementioned Tech Tree, you’re going to need lots of Fragments and Tablets. Luckily, they also can be traded in the world of Last Oasis. Getting a large supply of these items and instantly investing them in your character’s crafting skills can be a huge boost in the early game. Of course, the player still has to know what they’re doing and what items to produce, but the advantage is significant. Saving up all the necessary Fragments is not only time-consuming but also quite dangerous. The risk factor is relevant to almost all activities in Last Oasis. You can’t have a survival game without looming threats hiding behind every corner.

Finally, you can also buy various weapons, armor pieces and harvesting tools. These equipment upgrades can help you with raiding Rupu villages, fighting other players and gathering all kinds of resources in the open world. It might be a good idea to get some stronger gear as you’re transitioning out of the early game. Just keep in mind that you can lose it if you die and your body gets looted.

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Importance of Items in Last Oasis

The games that focus on survival place a giant emphasis on collecting the most valuable materials. Last Oasis is a perfect example of that. It might be even more extreme than others since it’s a full loot game. After you reach level 20, you can lose everything you have with a single death – the only exception being Flots. Even if you hide your valuables in seemingly safe storage inside your walker, it’s not entirely safe. With enough heavy gear and persistence, your enemies can get even that!

This is why investing your precious resources as quickly as possible might be a good idea. The Fragments and Tablets used on developing various crafting skills can’t be lost. They stay with your character, no matter how many times you die.

Besides, even Last Oasis offers some methods of keeping your resources safe. If you have multiple walkers, you can use one as a safe storage space. The vehicle that you use to travel the world is somewhat susceptible to looting, but the other ones can be kept secure thanks to the safe logout feature that’s implemented in the game. It’s really important to have at least two walkers as early as possible – not only for the safe storage but also to have a secondary vehicle if you happen to lose the main one.

All the important Last Oasis are craftable. You might need a really developed Tech Tree (the crafting-related skill tree that unlocks more recipes), expensive materials and a specific crafting station, but you can build pretty much anything. That’s why materials – especially the highest quality ones – are an incredibly important aspect of the game. A person that has the technology and resources at hand should be able to get extremely powerful items and multiple walkers.

Last Oasis – the Nomadic MMO

Last Oasis is a new MMO game that has been released in early access in March 2020. The game publisher is a small Polish studio called Donkey Crew. They’re continuously working on the game and adding new content to make sure that it’s enjoyable for the passionate player base.

Last Oasis is an open-world PvP full loot game. These features attract a lot of people who are interested in the old school MMORPG experience known from the early titles in that genre. This also makes clans an incredibly important part of the game. There’s no better way to protect from groups hostile players than creating a clan to fight them off. There’s a lot of strength in numbers, especially since some walkers can be piloted by multiple people (one driver who steers the vehicle and some other players to operate ballistas, repeaters and other mounted weapons.

This somewhat hardcore gameplay is combined with the unique post-apocalyptic setting. Large portions of Earth are either entirely frozen or unbearably dry and hot. The players have to keep moving in order to stay in the narrow patch that’s actually viable for human life. Probably the most recognizable feature of the game is the presence of incredible wooden vehicles called walkers. There’s a huge variety of them, a firefly walker is just a small boat that sails through sand, while some of the bigger ones act as mobile bases for the nomads.

Last Oasis is currently available exclusively on PC, but the future releases for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are likely being planned.


How to unlock higher levels of walkers in Last Oasis?

You can do it in the Tech Tree, by spending Fragments and Tablets.

How to get water in Last Oasis?

Water can be extracted from Cactus Flesh and Huge Cactus Fruits as well as other plants. You can also find Contaminated Water to later filter it with sand. The crafting stations that can be useful for those purposes are Camp Fire and Stomping Station.

What is Torque in Last Oasis?

Torque is the energy generated from wind. You can use Torque Windmills and special constructions on walkers to capture it. If you want to store or transport it, you’re going to need a Torque Battery or a Torque Backpack.